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    Yes, the ASU win was wonderful but……..

    TMH, you are right-on in bringing up the shooting woes of AP. His inconsistency is troublesome and not what you want to see from the guys who throws it up an average of 10+ times a game and trails only TK by three in the number of FGAs. You begin asking yourself which AP is going to show up each night … the 1 for 9 guy or the 10 for 17 guy? While not comforting, you have to be impressed with the overall growth – year over year – particularly in his close-in work. Here are his numbers thru 10 games this year:

    FG%: .427 (up from last year’s .374 after 10 games)
    2FG%: .500 (up from last year’s .367 after 10 games)
    3FG%: .326 (down from last year’s .380 after 10 games)

    As for TK, all is not rosy either, scoring on just 44.0% of his chances after 10 games with a stretch of 4 games where he connecting on just 9 of 27. The same consistency you’re getting from AP. All this from the guy anchoring down our “5.” Add to that his propensity to foul (3.2/game with 2 foul-outs) and turn it over a team high of 27 times in 10 games and you get the picture. One more thing: 2 blocks after 10 games. That’s a block every 136 minutes. While glad to have the big guy, there’s more I want.

    TK and AP combine to take 37% of all our shots and together hit just 46.1% of their 2’s and 32.6% of their (really only AP’s) 3’s. Serviceable by certainly not great. KenPom says it best……Lehigh is in the middle of the pack ranked 183rd in 2FGA% and 191st in 3FGA%

    Here’s what I consider to be a revealing look at our starting 5 in terms of FG accuracy from both inside and outside the arc together with the number of FGAs after 10 games.

    Player / 2FG% / 3FG% / Overall FG% / Total Attempts
    TK / .440 / .000 / .440 / 109
    AP / .500 / .326 / .427 / 103
    JG / .600 / 000 / .600 / 40
    KR / .509 / .222 / .437 / 71
    CS / .571 / .435 / .500 / 44



    I think the days of the PL being an auto 16 seed are gone. More likely 14 or 15 in most years, with an exceptional team perhaps earning a 13.



    The icing on the ASU cake is the sputtering “but..but..but…” by some over on the pard board…



    Up to a season high 156 in the Sagarin Ratings. That puts us 4th of the PL teams. Lafayette leader at 110. We caught the wrong half of the Metro Atlantic this year in OOC play.


    Perspective on Q. Beat OreSt and destroyed them on the boards.

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