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    Athlon Top 25

    1. Sam Houston State
    2. GSU
    3. NDSU
    4. Montana St
    5. JMU
    6. ODU
    7. Towson
    8. App St
    9. YSU
    10. UNH
    11. Delaware
    12. EWU
    13. JSU
    14. Ind St
    15. Ill St
    16. SBU
    17. Montana
    18. EKU
    19. Wofford
    20. UNI
    21. Murray St
    22. Harvard
    23. SFA
    24. Chattanooga
    25. Lehigh


    Dont expect we’ll be a top 10 pick but 25 way too low.



    It is still very early Rich and speculations abound but I am still not overly optimistic.The defense I think will be very good by all indications but Cecchini’s offenses to date have all be predicated on a strong passing attack. Although Colvin is a strong runner, the coaches did not feel secure enough to let him throw very often. Based on what I saw there and in the Brown & White game, I’m not feeling really secure offensively yet but as I stated earlier, it is early and there is time to work out the bugs.


    I see our offense being more run oriented than past few years, but we have the horses to do that and a good OL. This should open things up for Spadola. I doubt he catches as many passes as last year, but he could have some huge games as defenses focus more on the run than in the past. Colvin’s running ability has to be respected. He does have to improve on his mechanics, but that can happen.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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