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    We have discussed the issues around student attendance extensively on this board. Not having lived in the area in a number of years, I have never been a season ticket holder and I had some questions for those that are:

    1) How many men’s basketball season ticket holders do you think there are?
    2) Are there any benefits that season ticket holders receive? Receptions with players and coaches, giveaways, etc.?
    3) Was there a noticable uptick in marketing around CJ, Gabe, Holden and two PL titles in 4 years?
    4) If you are a season ticket holder in football but not basketball, why not?

    I would hope that every football season ticket holder gets hit up for hoop tickets as well. I would also hope that the athletic department gets creative with ways to incentivize fans to purchase season tickets. From afar, it certainly seems like there is minimal effort made to build a season ticket base. It seems to me that a larger season ticket base would increase revenue, bring people closer to the program, and potentially create a little demand for (good) seats at Stabler. The attendance bump last year was certainly nice, but I continue to wonder why our numbers lag behind others in the PL.



    I am not a season ticket holder for basketball. I am for football and the only incentive that I know are guaranteed seats for Lehigh-Lafayette. I am also a season ticket holder for wrestling. The only incentive there is the ability to get a seat. I’ve attended about 80% of the home basketball games over the last 4 years but since I’ve never had trouble getting a good seat, I never wanted to lock myself in and there are conflicts with wrestling.
    It might be a case of the chicken or the egg.Get attendance up in general and season tickets will follow. Just a guess.



    We are season ticket holders for football, but not basketball and the reason is simple. We still have one son in HS who plays football and basketball. He is free on Saturday for football games, but has conflicts with basketball games due to his games or practices. I am extremely sad to say, I only say CJ play one time last year.

    We get to as many games as we can.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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