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    I think this upcoming team has a fair amount of known quantities. We know what we have in TK and CS, for sure. We know what we have in our backup bigs, CB and JG. And, we know basically what we have in JC, AP and SC from the wings. We have a good idea that we will be solid at the PG spot with a highly touted KR (we still need to see him, but expected to be good) and MS.

    For me, our biggest need and the biggest opportunity for this team will be a wing player, who has a bit of length, who can defend well, and has enough of an offensive game to keep the defense honest. Hopefully, he can slash a bit and make an open jump shot out to the 3 point line. The reason I say this is a need is because:

    1) CS is too small, slight and slow afoot
    2) SC is a shooter, and cannot lock up on the perimeter
    3) AP is also a shooter, who is not a lock down defender, and is slight and lacking length
    4) JC is a guy we want to see play closer to the basket
    5) DC has not shown an ability to date to get minutes, and has not shown much at either end

    Which leads me to my most important need. When games tip in 10 days, I will be looking most closely at who can fill this role. A wing who can defend will get the attention of Reed and will get minutes. The college game is so based around the 3 point line, that defending that line is at a premium. So, I am hoping that the guy we need can come from one of these 3, BA, JRG, or potentially KM. I think one of these three filing that spot will be critical for long term success. I like their size. Hopefully, they can defend, ball handle well enough, and make a shot when an opportunity presents itself. A really solid role player in this spot could make a huge difference.



    I’m not so sure that we know what we have yet. Historically, the biggest jump occurs between the freshman and sophomore year. With that being said, does TK improve along the same curve as Muscala? Will we see a more rounded game from AP? JC may be the biggest wild card. Will his role be more defined this year? Is KR for real?
    I think that BA will be the wing you are looking for. I haven’t heard much positive or negative on his defense but I think he will be the slasher you are looking for from the wing.
    I think the two biggest needs are:
    1.) Players that are willing to crash the boards.
    2.) A go to guy at the end of the game. I have no idea who will fill that role yet.



    I’m with 90 on wing being the area of biggest opportunity. But I guess I’m less clear about the PG slot. I’m confident that we’ll be solid there, but the who is still a big question, to me. It stands to affect a lot of other things I think. Last year, I think we saw that MS has the tools in his game. However, I felt like he looked a little overwhelmed by the game speed, and just the jump to D1 college hoops. I think this is probably more significant at the 1 than anywhere else, too. Can we reasonably expect KR to be ready day 1? I dunno. But I am encouraged by what we hear from the coaches; they were right about TK last year.
    If KR isn’t day 1 ready, the picture is muddy for me. Maybe MS makes the big jump this year. If not, that means the CS starts out running the point; we know that he can take care of the ball and make good decisions. But then we’ve got other questions. If he’s running point, then I think we need somebody else who can attack the basket off the dribble; I don’t think that’s his strength. And that then makes the wing questions more important. I’m very confident that AP will be in one of the 2/3 slots, but then who’s the other?
    I’m still very optimistic about AP. I’m less concerned about his size/length – I think he’s fine there. What we’ll need to see is aggression and “nose for the ball” stuff.




    I agree with your two biggest needs completely. Who is going to make winning plays at the end of games and where does production on the boards come from? The latter of the two is not an issue of personnel its a mentality.



    Been meaning to share this, and forgot. I’m pretty convinced that a good chunk of our rebounding issues – particularly on the offensive end – are scheme-driven. Through some light-hearted message exchanges, I get the clear picture that we intentionally sacrifice ORs for transition D.
    I stumbled upon this article recently, and really liked it – probably because it supports my preference – ha! Would love to kick this around with our coaches. If you’re interested:

    Don’t stink on purpose



    Few thoughts:

    1) I think KR is the 4 year starter at the PG spot. Just a hunch, but I think he’s legit, like MM and others.

    2) We are going to have to rebound by committee, team effort, as we don’t have a ton of rebounders on the roster. Our guards are small, and our 5 is a positional rebounder, and not a premium athlete. We are going to need big efforts on the glass from the 2 4’s (CB, JG) and JC. Hopefully, some of the wings can add some rebounding. But, we are going to be very small on the perimeter.

    3) End of game scoring is always an issue. And, I don’t think TK is the answer here. When you post on the low block teams can take you away at the end of games, by doubling and tripling in the post. We did that plenty with Muscala over the years, and the end of game shots came more from the perimeter guys (Ayers, Willman, Johnson, etc). Unless somebody really makes a leap in their progression, this is going to be committee as well. Can they get good looks in the flow of the offense. There is no CJ type on this roster (toss it to the wing, clear out and let him go). You hope that KR is a guy who can break down a defense with penetration and kick or dish late in games.

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