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    Subscription required (why?), but here’s the juicy bit in regards to the PL:

    William and Mary’s academic profile has led observers to wonder for years if the Tribe wouldn’t be a better fit in the Patriot League, whose members are smaller, private schools — William and Mary is public — with similar academic standards.

    “We’ll be playing someplace. We’ve never been a great fit any place,” Driscoll said with a chuckle. “Being an outlier isn’t something new to us. We’ve had a long tradition here. There’s some reluctance, as always, to jump off the ship. I wish I had a little more clarification about what the CAA, if in fact these two schools move forward, what’s going to happen. Because then the conversations begin with Old Dominion and other people. Do they feel they have to move?”

    Driscoll added, “For us to make a pre-emptive strike, it’s not really in our nature. It doesn’t mean we’re ignorant about what’s going on. It’s just that it’s a little early to get the troops up in arms about this or that when we don’t really have anything beyond speculation. There may be some interest from the Patriot League or some interest from somebody else. But at this point we’re in a little bit of a wait-and-see mod, evaluate what our options are and then make a decision — not to do anything too hastily.”

    I still don’t think VCU and GMU are going anywhere. But I thought this, in regards to the PL, was a real interesting statement.



    Personally, I have always thought that William and Mary would be a perfect fit for the Patriot League and with the allowance of athletic scholarships in football the PL has become pretty attractive for several small, academically rigorous schools.



    I actually had the same thoughts after the comments following their game at Liberty this year. The school size makes them a good candidate for the PL. Wondering how they stack up academically.



    Oops! Did not see the first sentence that answers my academic question. Looks like a perfect fit.

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