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    Just wanted to have my first post on “new” message board to be a comment about the message board being down. That comment is, we’re trying here folks to build up LU Hoops fan-base, we were on a big-time role with new posters and tons of messages prior to this “upgrade”, and we’re down for what 2 full weeks(not sure exactly) in PL play, miss both Lafayette and Bucknell games, really truly unfortunate timing. I wish, for one, that site upgrades in the future could be done from June – August, not while our teams are playing….with that, thanks for those that service this site and keep it up and running, I’ve been a freeking basket-case without it, checking thrice daily for it to return…FINALLY, today, after we smoke Army with Cleveland Cavs scouts in the building watching CJ I have arrived back at my home….home sweet home….LUHoops00 is back, and ready to get after the 2nd half of PL action….



    Thanks for the feedback. Unfortunately the site upgrade couldn’t be helped – I needed to move it onto a new, more stable situation in terms of a server, while timing it exactly with a DNS migration that was set to expire something like this week. When I saw the DNS migration would take 7-10 days (it actually took 9), my heart sank.

    Anyway, I’m glad everyone’s back, and ready to gloat/kvetch/everything! Go Lehigh!!!



    You’re THE MAN.



    Thanks so much for the board. I truly missed it as well. I enjoy BU, but with my guy Andoh off the court, it makes me kind of sad, this being his senior year. I tried posting at Layfayette. Oh well, they seem to take things personally. For years I have bantered back and forth with posters here, am allowed to vent, but still feel welcome. Even after my seniors leave, I plan to be here doing the same, supporting LU while disagreeing at times.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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