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    Today’s game falls under the category of “nothing to see here folks”. There has always been a couple of problems with intra-squad scrimmages.
    1.) You never go home happy. If the defense looks good, then the offense must have looked bad or visa versa.
    2.)Two years ago I came away with the feeling that if Colvin was our QB, we were in trouble. He was and had a very fine season. Last year, I said the same thing about Bialkowski, with the same results. This game is obviously not a good indicator of what is to follow :-)
    To make it worse, this year, nearly half the team was not healthy enough to play so they turned it into a touch football game. That virtually negated most running plays or QB scrambles and really limited the # of plays used.
    So what I found out.
    1.)The long snapper position is wide open. It was certainly the Achilles Heel today.
    2.)Yosha looks to be ahead in the battle for the #1 tailback position. Kee was the backup. It was difficult to evaluate either
    3.)QBs look good on the 5-7 yd routes. Not many completed downfield. Poutier played in the 7 on 7 drill. He took awhile to go through progressions but showed an accurate arm.
    4.)Young secondary played pretty well. Especially like Leaks.


    good summary, not much learned today.


    Watched on PL. Agree on O. Only real developement was in 2ndary and pas rush. D did not play contain style. CBs were in press coverage most of the scrimmage. Leaks and Lawson impressed.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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