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    Down 64-46 about 9 mins left. I realize that Bison may have best WBB squad but I am seriously wondering if we will win a PL game. D is beyond porous it is nonexistent.



    …and are down another player. TC wearing a brace, looks like a knee injury


    Damn. Missed a lot of time last yr and now a knee. I pray its not serious.



    I thought someone mentioned 2 ACLs in an earlier post. KM we all knew about but I waited until the game tonight to see who the other one was. They had matching braces. I did see TC jumping up and down after a made shot tonight though.



    Oh boy…..
    TC has a torn ACL. Season’s over.
    Bucknell game: once again poor coaching. Not so much about who plays or does not play but more about the rotations and combinations. Who plays with whom…
    No inside game. GG and ME working their butt off posting up and first post entry pass comes with 1:10 left in the game. Surreal.
    HH and CBU had an off day, defensively and offensively. Still had an insane amount of minutes.
    QM is a ball hog.
    LWBB is a mix of the GS Warriors and the Houston Rockets.
    Shoots more threes than the Dubs and has their own version of James Harden.
    Bucknell does not necessarily have more talented players but they can play as a team and mix almost everything offensively. A well oiled machine.
    Defensively, LU lacks basic fundamentals which is unacceptable for a D1 program.
    Offensively some LU players play to score while others play to win.
    Finally, coaches need to show something, enthusiasm, anger, embarrassment, something …… Feels like they’re doing a statue video challenge.
    Holy Cross sucks. We cannot lose there.


    TC done for the season. Knee. Same surgeon as KM.
    Wish her best luck for a speedy and full recovery.

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