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    While it was terribly disappointing to lose a 10 point lead to the Bison – and credit to G G.W. Boon, he came basically out of nowhere and helped Bucknell score the upset – but IMO they got a huge, HUGE assist from the officials last night in their 81-76 OT loss.

    * With 1:39 left, Marquis Hall gets thrown across the floor so he can’t get the inbounds pass. No call… so Lehigh tries to call time out. The TO is not credited: Lehigh gets called for a 5 second violation. Off that turnover, Boon hits a huge 3 off the screen to cut the deficit to 2.

    * With 30 seconds left, Buchburger is called for… what? Being in the lane? Getting in the way of a Bucknell player? There wasn’t even a SHOT going on, and D.B. is called for a two-shot foul. Muscala nails both shots.

    Having said that, Lehigh certainly had a chance to come back in the game – in OT and at the end of regulation, but were unable to convert. Credit to Bucknell: they got the job done in the end. But they benefited immensely by those two shady calls.



    Thanks for being out of business on this board after the shellacking last Saturday at Stabler Mausoleum. I did not miss any of that feedback in the least. We will get you next month at the KAPR (Kirby All Purpose Room).



    The Bucknell game was very disappointing after a tremendous performance against Lafayette. First a word about the offense, McCollum took only four shots after the mid-point of the second half, whereas Hall took eight. I had the sense that Hall felt responsibility as a Senior to ‘take-over’ and lead the team. Hall is a tremendous player, but is no longer our best shooter. He needs to trust McCollum and McCollum needs to trust himself at any point in the game.

    However, the difference between the Lafayette and Bucknell games was not on offense, it was our post defense. Against Lafayette, our forwards took down five offensive boards and 21 total rebounds. Against Bucknell, our forwards got just one offensive board and seven, repeating that, seven total rebounds.

    For more evidence, Lehigh gave up just 14 Points-in-the Paint over Lafayette. Against Bucknell, they gave up 32! And finally, Lehigh gave up just two Second-Chance-Points against Lafayette compared to 12 against Bucknell.

    While the ‘09-’10 Mountain Hawks are a greatly improved offensive team, thanks largely to McCollum, they must consistently play better post defense if they expect to reach their goals this year.



    I am in agreement with all the comments above. If something is working, keep doing it. The bench needs to be in the mix more. How can a player be on the floor for 1-2 minutes and expect to contribute the same as players who are on the floor for 30 plus minutes. Let them work through their mistakes. If Reed does not trust these guys, he will end up where he was last year.
    Bucknell fought hard, but the refs were not making the best calls from what I saw on line. It’s tough to win on the road.
    Bucknell has the win.

    The Bucknell announcers were a little tough on Lehigh. I thought it was funny, they were really into it; repeating words the players said. Anyway, I hope Lehigh can bounce back and move forward. Good win for Bucknell. Sorry I did not get to see Enoch play against his old team mate.


    Zahir’s stat line:

    10 Carrington, Zahir… f 4-10 0-0 6-11 0 2 2 5 14 1 2 0 2 38

    That was the difference right there. 5 missed free throws, and TWO rebounds in THIRTY EIGHT minutes. I hate to pick on one player, and obviously there are a lot of things that a lot of individuals could have done differently. Yet to know how well Zahir is capable of playing, and then seeing that performance is maddening as a supporter in a game like this. MtnHwkFan is absolutely right. You can’t give up 13 offensive rebounds. And an all league big man needs to get more than 2 rebounds in 38 minutes if this team is going to win tough games.

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