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    Game Notes



    BU (9-10, 4-4) 177th
    LU (10-11, 3-5) 224th
    LU wins 65-64 (55% chance)

    This will be our 9th PL game and mark the halfway point of league play. In short, we’ve played everyone else but the Bison and they have done the same with the exception of us. So how do we measure up in League play? See below.

    Scoring Offense – LU 7th @ 68.4ppg BU 8th @ 66.6ppg
    Scoring Defense – LU 7th @70.0ppg BU 3rd @ 65.7ppg
    FG% – LU 5th @.444 BU 7th @.437
    FG% Defense – LU 2nd @.424 BU 5th @.438
    3FG% – LU 5th @.352 BU 2nd @ .398
    3FG% Defense – LU 2nd @.323 LU 3rd @.323
    Rebounding Margin – LU 8th @ -4.3 BU 3rd @ +1.1

    The combined play of TK and JG certainly deserve all the media and Board attention it’s getting. But, now how about our friend from Canada, Stefan Cvrkalj? Is he back better than ever? Or, is it a fluke? And, what’s behind his better play off the ball! Will his success impact the playing time of others suffering to see their shots go down of late (AP @.311 and SW @.370)? Don’t know but it’s a nice problem to have. Here are Stefan’s season-long stats in terms of appearances:

    First 10 games Last 2 games

    MPG 8.2 23.0
    PPG 2.3 11.0
    RPG 1.2 3.5
    FG% .333 .615
    2FG% .200 .667
    3FG% .386 .600


    Stefan should get the nod over SW for sure, AP lost his mojo but if it comes back he gets good minutes


    Dont know where Doc can find the minutes but Simelton will be a tough matchup for BU. SW to match up vs Cameron ?


    OK, everyone has the flu. No buzz at all for Bucknell?



    I know I’m excited to watch this one. It ain’t for the PL championship, but this is always big to me.
    Starting lineup is my biggest point of interest. I’m really hoping to see TK and JG both start. Besides JG’s obvious recent productivity, I think this stands to benefit TK a lot. We’ve seen defenses completely collapsing on TK of late. I think JG makes that much harder to do. And if those two establish themselves, I think our shooters (CS, SC, AP, JC) get much better looks, too.


    I’m excited to watch the stream from NYC. I would categorize this as a “should win” based on home court advantage.

    What I’ll be watching for:
    – continued outstanding play from JG
    – bounceback from JC (well overdue at this point…)
    – will MM make good decisions and keep Kaspar out of the lane?
    – will TK be able to score against an older and probably stronger Fitzpatrick?

    I think to get a win we’ll need a big game from one either JC, AP, SC, SW, or MS. It’s crazy to think that any one of those guys could have a big night, or go completely scoreless. It’s nice to have options, but I would (and I’m sure the coaches too) prefer some consistency!


    Ahh, we live :) Psyched. A win would be nice but more looking for progress. Will frontline rotation finally stabilize. Rebounding. SW and AP get hot. Simelton more PT.
    Over on Bison board not much concern over winning but the over/ under for attendance.


    It’s a decent question re: attendance. I’m going to go for 1,550 announced. No idea on real #.



    Can’t say I disagree with what has been said above. But, will add the fact that…..

    The Bucknell staters…….
     >are experienced (1 Gr., 1 Sr., 2 Jr. and 1 So.)
     >ranging in height from 6’3” to 6’8”
     >rebound by committee with each player pulling down an average of 3.7 – 4.7 rpg
     >include three 3-pt sharp-shooters (Hass @ .406, Ayers @ .413, and Brackney @ .441)

    Their team has….
     >lost 3 of their last 4
     >owns a 1 and 2 record in PL road games
     >trailed at the half in each of their 4 PL losses scoring an average of just 22 opening half pts.
     >committed an average of nearly 15 TO’s per game in their last three setbacks.

     I guess all we have to do tonight is jump out to an early lead, force turnovers, defend the 3, and hope that our height advantage (TK and JG) under the basket translates into both positive point and rebounding margins.

    Simple, Guys. Now go do it!


    Pretty gross start on both ends of the floor. I am totally torn between sitting Jesse since he is a liability at the moment, or letting him play through this rough patch and get his confidence back.


    2 questions:

    were those Bison announcers on Campus Insiders?

    can anyone make a foul shot?


    Not the usuall. Terrible.
    If we shoot our normal %, we win by 10.
    Otherwise ,good 2nd half. TOs and Rebounds about even. 9 blocks quite nice.



    Just returned from the game. Here are my observations.
    Obviously, foul shooting almost destroyed us. The weird thing to me was that was that the shooting was actually ugly. I think JG barely reached the rim on 3 of his 4 misses. TK essentially air balled one.
    I thought the team played hard. JC is fine if he plays within himself. That means solid defense and going to the boards hard and take the inside shot when he is open. His one 3 was big but I cringe when he shoots it.
    JG played very hard but seems lost to me. He was out of position a lot on defense then tries to make up for it with hustle which leads to fouls.
    TK seems to have shed his bad habit of putting the ball on the floor as soon as he catches it. He can be a real force as he was in the 2nd half. Every team is doubling on him now and he needs to stop forcing and finding the open guy.
    SC is going to be taking AP minutes from him. They have the same skill set and SC played hard defensively.
    CS and MM continue to be very consistent. The former has an absolutely beautiful stroke. Coach has lost his confidence in SW and MS. I would not be surprised if CS is the PG next year.
    I like the renovations in the concession area. Nice menu, reasonable prices and video screens announcing upcoming events. I also like the new female announcer. I was disappointed in the coaching at the end of the game. We had 4 fouls to give which would have taken off valuable seconds and used none of them.


    I think the announcers are a CBS Sports crew.

    The foul shots down the stretch were real bad. That said, Kempton played a great second half and SC’s shot is so sweet when he is feeling it. He was pure in the second half.

    Also, JC hit a big 3 after going just 1 for his previous 17. Will that help him break out of his funk? JG didn’t have the numbers he has recently, but I still liked his energy, effort, and confidence. He was bound to miss some free throw after the way he had been shooting them recently.


    You’re not supposed to win games when you shoot 41% from the foul line. Or when you miss a maddening number of peeps inside. Hustle, defensive toughness, and CS-SC from 3 point land were the difference tonight. JG, JC & TK also keys in a very physical game down low. Occasional flashes of brilliance mixed in with the usual inconsistency (tonight, the free throw line). But at least ball security has improved. I honestly think the talent is there to make a run down the stretch. But they have to continue to improve concentration and confidence.

    Side note & another reason to love college basketball:
    Bucknell 90, Penn State 80 (11/13/13)
    Penn State 71, Ohio State 70 (1/29/14)

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