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    Game Notes



    LU (14-15, 7-9) Ranked 237th
    Bucknell (14-13, 9-7) Ranked 160th

    Bucknell wins 67-60 (80% chance)

      Other PL Games

    American over Navy by 6
    BU over Army by 2
    Holy Cross over Loyola by 4
    Colgate over Lafayette by 4

    With two games to go, it’s now clear that Lehigh can’t host a March 5th quarterfinal game, i.e., finish in the Top 4. But we can clinch a bye through the Opening Round of the League Tournament next Monday with a win over Bucknell and a Lafayette loss tomorrow night. Were Bucknell to win, there’s a chance we could finish as low as 8th when all is said and done at 4pm, Saturday.

      CS at the Point? Just a thought.

    Has MM’s drive to set an assist record (assuming it’s on his mind but no way of knowing, of course) resulted in his rash of turnovers in the last four games? Anyone who has studied the games carefully wish to comment? If true, why not go with “Mackey-lite” or sure-handed Corey at the point tomorrow night and on Saturday? What is there to lose? Well, maybe Mackey’s solo half-court drives to the basket and circus like performances we have all grown to love. But, a chance to play the “2” might just improve his seemingly “all or nothing” shooting performance, as well. For example: 1 for 11 vs. Holy Cross and 9 for 17 vs. Boston U. with 3 of fewer FGs in 6 of his last 11 games. Heck, he’ll probably still find a way to take it to the hoop and set the club’s assist record anyway. For those who follow such things, he needs four to tie Marquis Hall and five to set a new mark. It’s a “can’t miss” with at least three games to play.


    1 TO every 24.1 minutes of play
    A/TO Ratio over the last 3 games = 14:1
    A/TO Ration over the last 4 games = 4.7:1
    A/TO Ratio throughout the season = 2.6:1


    1 TO every 13.6 minutes of play
    A/TO Ratio over the last 3 games = 2:1
    A/TO Ratio over the last 4 games = 1.63
    A/TO Ratio throughout the season = 6:1



    I can appreciate what you are saying but it is unfair to compare stats when MM is the primary ball handler. To be fair you would have to analyze the number of minutes the ball is in his hands with the number it is in CS’s then do a A/TO ratios with the variable of time ball is in their hands.

    I would love to see LU crank the tempo up and their defensive pressure. After watching every team in the PL, IMHO Lehigh may be the most athletic and deep. Run and pressure until teams start to wilt.



    Must-win. IMO.



    Fair point, pafan11. To examine CS’s TO while playing the point would have been a near impossible task. Understood that going in but just wanted to raise awareness to MM’s recent erratic play and generate discussion.

    When it comes to turnovers, KenPom tell us that Bucknell is the best within our League at not turning the ball over (just 16.4% of its possessions) but the worst at forcing a turnover (just 14.8% of the opponent’s possessions). So whether it’s Mackey or Corey maybe we’ll have a better day protecting the ball.


    A winnable game. Among a bunch we’ve had. Will we renoundz?



    Good Bison “In the Heard” preview of tonight’s game featuring freshman guard, John Azinaro.




    Rinse repeat rinse repeat rinse repeat.

    Get crushed on glass again giving up 17 odd O boards and lose a close game. Lot of empty possessions late.

    I don’t for life of me understand our offense? We need to be running inside/out, how Timmy is averaging 8 shots a game last five game amazes me when he is our most efficient offensive player, no coincidence we are 1-4 in our last five and fading down stretch.

    Speaking of fading, are mm and CS just drained and worn down from all these minutes that we have talked about? MM wow talk about a senior year four year starter limping down the stretch, crazy.


    Bison are bad, we are worse. Nuff said.


    MM running on empty plus he has no trust in tsam.. Doc allowing him to try to emulate CJ. Not his game. Do not understand why TK does not see the ball. Boggling. Guess this is what they mean by a young team. MM does not fit wih this roster. MS free wheeling would be more effective. Doc seems hesitant to acfually use his talent. There will be more next yr. What happens tbsn?



    All good points but my biggest fear is the lack of toughness and energy by some. If you look at the season as a whole how many times has this team shown that they are athletic and skilled but lacked that energy and edge. I think when coaches reflect on the season they may find that losing AD was very significant. Teams need that emotional energy guy that will do anything to win. Skill and athletic ability are abundant on this team but youth can no longer be used as an excuse.


    losing AD a big hole IMHO, not to mention CB who would have contributed to rebounding.


    AD ,for all his limits,provided fire and grit,sorely lacking now.. MS can step into that role as he matures. Role players are IMO an essential glue factor.. CB,as much as we all shake our heads is one of those. JG is sliwly becoming one.
    We will have an enormously talented roster next year. Can Doc mold them into a team. Hope so. Task will be easier w/o MM. He and this roster just do not mesh.


    I agree that the loss of AD has definitely hurt this year. From a toughness and leadership standpoint, as well as providing a guy that can get to the rack from the wing and make things happen.

    Also, I think that the athleticism of this current team is either 1) exaggerated somewhat or 2) not translating into production. If I remember correctly, basically all of the team previews talked about the great athleticism, getting out in transition, dunks and alley-oops. In reality, that has not happened. Gabe and Holden themselves last year combined for way more dunks than the whole of this team. We have already talked about Jesse’s lack of fluidity. Tim is very skilled and has good size, but is not a leaper. JG does his part running the floor. MS and SW are definitely athletes, but neither has been able to lock down consistent minutes.

    Long term, I don’t think this is a major concern, as I think all of these young guys will improve, just an observation that they have not gotten the easy baskets this year that their athleticism implies and that they would need to be an upper echelon team. Think of a Holy Cross for example.

    Lastly, the toughness term has been thrown around a lot, and could not be more accurate. This team just does not have nearly enough of it, and I think pafan is spot on.



    Good points, everyone. Fully agree.

    Sadly, unless we witness a miracle ending to our season (a win on Saturday and another next Wednesday), I’ll remember this team as:

    A stale, tedious, and predictable offense full of youthful promise but one that was led by a tired point guard who, more often than not, tried to do too much.

    A porous defense which – despite its size – couldn’t rebound the ball.

    From someone who never says die, I invite all posters and fans within the immediate vicinity of Stabler to join me on Saturday for the 2pm Colgate tip. It’s the least we can do to show our support for the team and, at the same time, thank Mackey and Anthony for their years of good play and wish them good fortunes in the careers of their choice.



    I think the most frustrating part of this season is we still are asking the same questions that we asked 30 games ago. No answers, and pretty much a wasted season. We go into next season with again about 3 known quantities.

    1) MM will be gone
    2) We know TK is a top level player
    3) We know CS is a nice rotational guard at 2 positions
    4) We know SC is a 3 point specialist

    5) Can AP really play? Unknown
    6) Can SW really play? Unknown
    7) Can MS really play? Unknown
    8) Can DC really play? Unknown
    9) Can GP or CR contribute? Unknown
    10) Can JG elevate his game to become a solid frontcourt PL player? Unknown
    11) Can JC be a consistent starter in PL? Unknown

    I blame the players, and I blame the coach. At this point in a season, you have to know what you have on the roster. You have to have a set rotation. You have to have players who know their role on the team. We have none of that. Perhaps, we have overrated our talent (quite possible). The young excuse is running out for me.

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