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    Game Notes

    Bucknell: http://www.bucknellbison.com/auto_pdf/p … Lehigh11-3
    (After reading this, why get on the bus!)

    Lehigh: http://www.lehighsports.com/assets/1/wo … /43018.PDF

    Sagarin Ranking and Resulting Line

    BU 89
    LU 204
    BU – 11 1/2

    The two teams are a lot alike per Ken Pomeroy Stats (all games played) when it comes to:

    LU….8.3/game….59th ranked
    BU….8.0/game….39th ranked

    LU….75.5%….22nd ranked
    BU….79.0%….3rd ranked

    LU….1.53 years….240th ranked
    BU….1.54 years….237th ranked

    Bench Minutes
    LU….30.2%….192nd ranked
    BU….28.4%….233nd ranked

    and when it comes to PL Stats (league games only), the likeness continues in …………….

    Scoring Offense
    LU….74.1 ppg
    BU….73.1 ppg

    LU….4.0 per game
    BU….3.9 per game

    Yet, the two teams are dissimilar in many ways, too, when it come to Ken Pomeroy Stats (all games played):

    Tempo (possession/game)
    LU….71.5….20th ranked
    BU….66.4….190th ranked

    Effective FG%
    LU….46.7%….271st ranked
    BU….51.3%….76th ranked

    Point Distribution (Free Throws)
    LU….27.3%….1st ranked
    BU….20.5%….210th ranked

    Point Distribution (3-Point Shot)
    LU….22.7%….286th ranked
    BU….29.2%….113th ranked

    and further unlike when looking at such key PL Stats as:

    Scoring Defense
    LU….74.1 ppg
    BU….62.9 ppg

    3 Point Shooting
    LU…..317 (.143 against Bucknell this year)
    BU…..387 (.400 against Lehigh this year)

    3 Point Defense

    How well we limit the effectiveness of the BU 3 point game – in particular Bryson Johnson (.457 average with 3 made 3’s a game) – while keeping a lid on Muscala and Willman (say 20 combined points), will dictate our chances for a win. Of course, when it’s not Johnson doing damage from deep, it’s Cohen (.444), Boon (.385), and Shazier (.341) you must watch out for. I’m expecting we’ll counter with Ojo and Keefer to limit the damage. Both are seniors and can be counted on to leave it all out on the court. On the other end of play, I do believe we will score the basketball this time around after going a combined 4 of 28 from beyond the arc in our first two BU outings. I’m liking, too, our new-found "CJ help." It’s coming from Mackey McKnight (33 in last three), Jordan Hamilton (29 in last three), and Holden Greiner (20 in the last two) – timed perfectly as Ojo recovers from an illness. With a healthy Ojo backed by key minutes from Keefer, and the steady play of Knutson, who knows. Maybe we live to fight another day. Of course, then there is CJ and the bright lights of national television. What to expect? I’ll take my chances on his two-game (career) Sojka average of: 18.5 points, .483 FG%, .500 3FG%, 4.5 boards in 37.5 minutes of playing time. I doubt we’ll see him drive the lane too often, ever mindful of the 6’11" POY Muscala and his 2.9 blocks/game. I’m expecting more of an outside game from our star player and, yes, even an assist or two. The concept of "team ball" may have finally hit home – just in the nick of time.

    My GPS says 173 miles in 3 hours and 2 minutes. Wouldn’t miss this one. See you there!



    Hey Bison – what is the deal with boon tonight? Any status update would be greatly appreciated.



    mackey – hello – mackey…anyone…mackey..anyone…what the heck???

    I hate small, but nice half for him despite being lost on defense a few times and taking more 3’s then he has all year….

    lucky to be down 6…what a 3 at the buzzer by cj to end first half….



    showed lot of heart battling….what a crappy way to end it…so many off ball fouls on moving screens, which we never see replays on…the Ojo intentional foul was big time bs…then muscala gets plenty of body into CJ at the end….unreal…unreal…no call….



    FYI BU wanted to tried to basically did choke that one away, missed FTs, out of bounds pass, they choked big time….we didn’t have enough to overcome our shortfalls and some officiating at the end there.

    Why the heck didn’t we press all year…trap all year…I said this pre-season/early on in season, our team built for that…

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