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    Game Notes are up!

    http://www.lehighsports.com/assets/spor … 022509.pdf

    http://grfx.cstv.com/photos/schools/buc … elease.pdf

    LU takes it on the road for the final two games of the regular season with visits to Lewisburg (BU) and Worcester (HC) Wednesday and Saturday. With any luck – and a win or two – they can claim a home date for the opening round of the PL Championship scheduled to get underway on Wednesday, March 4th. Of course, the bottom six teams in the eight-team league, still have a chance to finish in the prized 4th slot. Narrowing our focus a bit to LU and Colgate – each tied for 4th at present with identical 5-7 records – you can say it might well come down to how well each team does against The Crusaders of Holy Cross. Colgate welcomes them to Hamilton tomorrow night while Lehigh ventures north and east to play them at the Hart Center on Saturday. That is assuming of course we each win our "other" game on the schedule……LU @ BU and CU @ Navy tomorrow night! On paper, we might hold a slight advantage in those pairings. The Midshipmen, you might recall, put away Colgate earlier in the year by 11 – a Raider team with Alex Woodhouse. The second go ’round will feature the Middies at home on Senior Day with Alex Woodshouse in street clothes. What’s more, Navy (7-5) may not have clinched third place in the standings by then and may be playing for their collective lives. Navy travels to American tomorrow night and could easily return home to Annapolis a 7-6 team with only Colgate on their mind. Lehigh, on the other hand, ventures west to the Sojka Pavillion tomorrow night to face a Bison team that must find a way to rebound from an embarrassing lost to University of Delaware this past Saturday – a game the Bison had in hand only to be outscored 25-0 in the final minutes and go on to lose 68-81. LU holds a three game series win streak and has won two of their last three encounters with the Bison by a mere two points. You can expect more of the same from both teams tomorrow night with the winner being determined in the final two minutes of play – a time when neither has been able to put away it opponent with any regularity. Every Mountain Hawks fan will be watching that game with one eye. The other will be trained on the scoreboard or on PL All-Access to see what is happening up in Hamilton. It makes for a fun night of family viewing. Who needs American Idol?

    The Numbers:

    Sagarin Predictor

    LU -1 1/2 @ BU
    HC – 4 1/2 @ CU

    Real Time RPI "GAMER" Score Prediction

    LU 64 – BU 63
    HC 63- CU 62

    PL Rankings (PL Games only)

    Offensive Scoring
    LU 61.4 6th
    BU 62.0 5th

    Defensive Scoring
    LU 62.7 5th
    BU 65.6 6th

    LU .377 7th
    BU .376 8th

    LU .306 7th
    BU .333 2nd

    FG% Defense
    LU .386 2nd
    BU .390 3rd

    3FG% Defense
    LU .323 4th
    BU .256 1st

    Offensive Rebounds
    LU 11.67 2nd
    BU 11.33 3rd

    Defensive Rebounds
    LU 26.92 1st
    BU 26.50 2nd

    Double-digit Scorers
    LU 2 (Carrington @14.9, Hall @ 14.3)
    BU 4 (Behan @ 13.9, Cohen @ 11.4, Boon @ 10.6, Castleberry @ 10.3)

    Top 20 PL Rebounders
    LU 3 (Carrington @ 9.6, Anderson @ 6.0, Hall @ 4.9)
    BU 3 (Behan 7.1, Boon @ 5.2, Cohen @ 4.8)

    Yeah, it should be one heck of a game!



    It should be a good game – but Bucknell is always dangerous, and never more so than at Sojka. Important to finish strong in order to get that home game in the first round – and after that, who knows?



    17.2% shooting, and 15 – 15! – points in the first half isn’t going to win many Division I basketball games. Add to that allowing 47% shooting from the Bison on the night – and you have a rout.

    Lehigh is stinking up the joint at pretty much the worst possible time. Lehigh doesn’t deserve a home playoff game.


    wow werethey bad!! Team seems to have regressed from the start ofthe season. Bucknell has improved. Coaching?


    "RichH" wrote: Coaching?

    Only to the extent that the offensive schemes they were running earlier in the season were abysmal. Now they are getting a little closer to average.

    The biggest things last night imo were:

    (1) very poor LU shooting; only Carrington was effective offensively.
    (2) LU not having anyone who could effectively guard Behan; and
    (3) Bucknell being given a ton of wide open looks from 3-point range – possibly the most unguarded their guards have been all year. They hit 10-17 from beyond the arc and almost all of the makes were open shots where the shooter had time to square up and take his time.



    A dreadful, disappointing, and dumbfounding effort by the Mountain Hawks. What the $@#% were they thinking!? Did they assume that just because BU laid an egg three days earlier – allowing UD to close out their game with them on a 25-0 run – that the Bison wouldn’t show up? Think again, guys, this is BU – a proud PL franchise and a team no one – least of all a floundering Lehigh – should take for granted. They proved once again last night that they are the best, most tested (SOS best in the PL), and certainly the most dangerous 7-21 team in America. We got what we deserved.


    Patrick Behan (23 pts. on 10 for 16 shooting, and 9 rebounds in 31 minutes) had is way with Phil Anderson the entire night. No match! It was as if Phil had his feet stuck firming in concrete (good call by the BU announcers).

    Bryan Cohen (17 pts. on 6 for 8 shooting, and 4 boards in 31 minutes) was given far too many open looks by our top defender, Dave Buchberger. Entering the game a .320 shooter from outside, he connected on 4 of 5 from beyond the arc.

    Justin Castleberry (13 pts. on 3 for 7 shooting including 2 for 2 from deep, and 3 boards in 31 minutes) would strike dagger blows every time you thought Lehigh might be making a move to get back into the game.

    The three Bisons – each playing 31 minutes – combined for 53 of the team’s 71 points (75%) and seemingly scored at will hitting 61.3% of their shots. Oh yeah, they went a combined 9 for 9 from the line, too.

    You got the feeling that this game was over before the second media timeout of the first half. LU took an early 4-0 lead on layups by Small and Buchberger before going into the tank at the 18:27 mark. BU would go on a 15-2 run over the next six minutes and for all intents and purposes the game had ended. There was no life in this team. It was if the players walked straight from the bus to the court. It was "Stony Brook revisited" and it ended the same way with Lehigh losing by 21. During that 6 minutes and 3 seconds (if felt like an eternity), LU would miss nine consecutive shots (Hall 4, Carrington 3, and Small 2) – mostly bricks and all from inside the arcs! There was even an air-ball from inside the lane – courtesy of Hall.

    The ugly line score says it all:
    FG: 19 of 60 31.7% after hitting just 5 out of 29 in the first half
    3FG: 3 of 13 for 23.1% after hitting just 1 of 4 in the first half
    FTs: 10 of 17 for 58.8%

    FG: 26 of 55 47.3%
    3FG: 10 of 17 for 58.8%
    FTs: 10 of 11 for 90.9%

    With one game to go (LU @ HC on Saturday), it’s anybody’s guess who will nail down the 4th spot in the standings and host a quarterfinal game in the PL next Wednesday. There are too many scenarios to paint logically and concisely in the space provided below. I’ll leave that to Bison 137 and LFN. Suffice it to say, we must beat Holy Cross to have any chance of finishing in the 4th spot. Surely, a fifth or sixth place finish seems more likely at this time. If so, warm up the bus for a Tuesday departure. My hope would be it’s headed to Annapolis – site of our 11 point road win three short weeks ago.


    Very troubling game..last few games. Team is not improving at all. Indeed it seems to be regressing with less and less help off the bench. Lack of energy? Conditioning? Focus? Even if losing, one wants to see signs of improvement over the course of a season. A real head scratcher, this team.

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