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    Game Notes





    KenPom Rankings and Predictions
    Lehigh (8-7, 2-2) #119
    Bucknell (12-5, 4-0) # 96
    Bucknell wins by 5 (79-74)
    Bucky make their first appearance in KP’s Top 100.

    Like PL Opponents


    Bucky won by 9 on the road
    LU won by 6 at home


    Bucky won by 8 at home
    Lehigh won by 7 on the road

    All eyes will be on Kempton and Foulland (PL Only Stats)

    Item TK NF
    PPG 22.5 15.0
    RPG 11.0 9.3
    FG% .561 .676
    FT% .641 .538
    Blk/G 1.5 3.0
    Player/Week 5 2

    The “3”

    While LU slips in its effectiveness from behind the arc, Bucky improves in its defense of the “3’

    LU on offense 40.1% all games/ 32.9% PL only (4thh best in PL)


    Bucky on Defense 36.2% all games / 26.2% PL only (best in PL)

    Is this going to be a 3-team race the rest of the way??
    KenPom Trends (Entered PL Play/Today)

    Bucky 126 / 96
    LU 95 / 119
    Boston U. 179 / 134
    Army 215 / 206
    Holy Cross 185 / 209
    Loyola 249 / 245
    Navy 277 / 271
    Colgate 292 / 302
    American 316 / 305
    Lafayette 330 / 326

    Our Last Trip to Sojka (2/10/16)

    LU wins 80-65
    Tim Kempton: 23 pts./12 rebound
    Nana Foulland: 13 pts. / 10 rebounds
    Our core 4 of TK, AP, KL, and KR score 75 of the 80



    Must win. Wish I could go, but can’t make trip.


    Like I said the other day. Obviously we were not going to go undefeated in league play. I am also positive that nobody had us losing to Loyola. We must now steal a game somewhere. Tomorrow is the perfect chance. Last year Tim dominated down there. Hope to see the same. I am making the trip down. But not before a stop to eat at country cupboard.



    Enjoy yourself, Trav. I’ll catch up with you at the HC game on Saturday.



    They are back. Great win tonight. Hopefully, this turns the corner.


    Great W. 31 pts from the bench.

    A nagging question for me is Holba. Only 13 mins tonite. He just has not impacted team nearly as much as I expected. Has not been bad but expected a lot more from him given hus rep coming in.


    Holba works very hard, still just getting adjusted to college game, his O will come to him, seemed like a lot more than 13 minutes

    seems Andree is starting to work harder too, he has the skills but needs to keep his energy up

    still cringe when BA comes in, although he did well tonight

    short bench really hurts against a team like Nell where they can come at you with 10 or more guys


    First off I want to give props to the coaching staff and team tonight. I said we needed to steal a game somwhere and tonight we did just that. Hats off to the fans who made the trip. I sat across from Lehigh bench. Our fans were great. I was worried when Tim got in foul trouble. But we ended up playing well. Holba has been very confusing player so far this year. I don’t know really what to expect. He has to give us good mins the rest of the way. I’m not counting on lieb. Befotr game looked like lieb had a slight limp to him. I could be wrong. Sat is a big game. Like Brett said they want to get that taste outta their mouths. I hope mr champion is ready for the boos lol. Great night. Great win



    My God, the whining on the Bucknell board about hating TK is ridiculous. Jealous much. Like him or not, he’s a stud.

    And, Bucknell fans always eager to bash Lehigh attendance and Stabler. Their arena was empty last night.


    Got a link to there board



    Here it is. Good, active board of posters.




    90, agree the Bison’s Board is a GREAT read. But, if Bison137 or any of the others Bison fans are reading this post, would they please tell me where their 2254 fans (reported attendance) were seated during the Lehigh game. It was a ghost town, as could be seen on the PLN broadcast. Based on a published capacity of 4,000, that means slightly more than every other seat was taken. Give me a break or at least stop bashing other organizations for how they count or misreport attendance. That said, their Board is good…real good.


    Lol. Yes I agree. There were many empty seats

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