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    That was a winnable game for Bucknell, but they played very poorly other than about a 5 minute stretch early in the second half.  Willman was outstanding.  Muscala struggled against a guy his own size.  Steve Smith (ex pro, Mich St star) was pretty critical of him at the half, especially his lack of strength.  Don’t think he helped himself today.  But, what really hurt Bucknell was zero production from Johnson, until very late, off game by Ayers, and poor PG play.  Kaspar just terrified to shoot it.  They left him wide open all day, and he would not take advantage.  But, good run for Bucknell.  Now, they join Lehigh in rebuilding mode.  That is not a vintage Butler squad, and I think if Bucknell plays a good game, they probably win.  But, they looked really tight in the first half, only scoring 14 points.  They have a lot of questions, just like Lehigh, starting with the head coach, staying or going, then on to replacing a great class.





    I thought it was a lot more about Butler winning it in the last 6 than Bucknell losing it in the last 6. It’s so obvious that Butler is so, so tough mentally, and Stevens had all of his guys believing that they had to out-work and out-hustle Bucknell in order to win – and they did. When they went down 6 Butler didn’t panic, they simply regrouped and waited for Clarke to heat up. Eventually he did and that was the end for Bucknell.

    When the picks were announced I let out a groan that Butler was Bucknell’s matchup. Over the course of the week I convinced myself they could beat the Bulldogs – and it’s true, they could have. But in the tourney a key ingredient for the upset is, like Duke last year, a high ranked team overlooking the tiny underdog, and Butler didn’t do that. Hats off to them. They played a great game to win.



    Disn’t watch but love MM on big stage coming up small!





    Place nice now. It is the PL:).

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