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    What an amazing game. Lehigh played its best game of the year when it had to.

    The Special Teams played a key roll in the game. It made all the place kicks, backed them up with a punt in side the 10 that set up the safety and executed the most amazing accidental on side kick in FCS history.

    Towson had just two offensive plays in the last 10 minutes and I think just four in the fourth quarter. The defense held them to just 125 yards rushing and kept West under control.

    I do not think any Lehigh quarterback has played a better game against a tougher opponent than Lum did today. He took Lehigh on a 99 2/3 yards touchdown drive. I doubt that has ever been done before.

    I think two of the next round of games are on Friday night. You could have a Lehigh playoff game at the same time as the 100th dual meet between Penn State and Lehigh.


    Agree with you, Historian. Other than Sherman’s miscue and Colvin’s delay of game penalty, offense was as darn near perfect. Loved those two trick plays (Colvin drop and Fitz pass)

    Towson had about 2 minutes time of possession in fourth quarter.

    Statistics show career games in one way or another for at least Fitz (carries), Haggins (yards), Hayden (catches). I think this was the second most passes Lum threw all year — and Lehigh got more than 100 yards rushing.

    I was surprised Towson stopped its three-tight-end offense … it seemed to be wearing Lehigh down.

    Other than Peery’s kick off out of bounds and Suggs’ downing of kickoff, special teams was stellar.

    Speaking of the Suggs play, did anyone see the key play that led to Wofford’s loss at UNI? UNI, up a TD early in the fourth quarter, kicked off. The Wofford kick returner caught the ball in the end zone, decided not to run it out, then seemed to walk around looking for a ref to throw the ball to. UNI guy came up and swiped the ball out of his hands onto the floor, and a UNI teammate covered it for a TD. Turns out the Wofford guy never downed the ball, so it was live. Wofford can’t throw, so down two TDs with 10 minutes left they ran out of time.

    Wonder if the PSU match (or studying) would be a good reason to move the game to Saturday.


    Not sure about being able to breathe, I thought my blood pressure would start cracking open my old head. :o . Like going to a scary movie, just couldn’t look away.Last 5 minutes or so, LU was magnifivent keeping ball. I will never forget 99.5 yard drive.

    NDSU , no doubt the best team we’ve seen. But you know I just love facing MV teams. We have such a nice habit of beating them :D

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