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    Didn’t catch game, but shocked by result and box. Terrible result. BA proved me wrong with 11/5. I’m back to only bashing DC.


    One of the most frustrating games I’ve been to in recent memory. All the specifics already mentioned above. Certainly no lack of effort but one of the worst shooting nights, compounded by poor ball possession decision when the offensive frustration set in. No one took leadership offensively, except #42.

    Biggest plus was finding out BA can play at this level. Most concerning was AP shutting down offensively after bad start. 1-9 shooting night with his ONLY make a layup on his ONLY drive in the game. And it still took several stellar shots by Lewis and company at the end to settle this dreadful shooting night for both sides. Clean up the turnovers and on to Trenton. Hopefully its a high point in the roller coaster.



    It was interesting watching BAs game last night. I appeared to be awfully nervous in his few minutes vs Villanova and again early in the Canisius game. Then he made a few foul shots, gained some confidence and his entire game began to blossom. It is only one game though.
    I sat behind the Lehigh bench for this game and waited to see who would take a leadership role. Ironically it may have come from a freshman who has yet to play. During a timeout, with the coaches gathered on the court to decide the next play TJ stood over the starters, pumping them up and almost appeared to be challenging them. I have no idea what he said but I was impressed watching it.



    Underwhelming ………

    Fan support: You’d think after the way we preformed against Villanova there’d be more than 72 students (actual head count behind the basket mid-way thru the second quarter) in attendance. How about a pep-band? Give me a cheerleader! No chance….no way! Where’s are the fans? Certainly some of the PPL crowd on Friday resided in the Valley and could have made it out to Stabler. No? Guess not. Total announced/assumed paid attendance: 711. Two-hundred of which must have stayed home.

    Half-court offense: What ½ court offense ?! Few set plays seemed to work – even those called after timeouts. This time our turnovers (20) occurred mainly in the forecourt with Tim, Justin and Brandon fumbling it away a combined 11 times. Everyone got into the turnover act – that is except for Stefan in his 6 minutes of play. Simply, our heads were not in the game.

    AP’s Play: Some days you have it…….others days you don’t. After going 10 for 17 on Friday, Austin turns in a ‘not unexpected” 1 for 9 with 5 PFs in 24 minutes. As mentioned in my earlier write-up, history shows that this guy can run hot and cold more so than perhaps anyone else on the team. Sometimes you gotta know when to shut it down and find someone else on the team to fill the basket. It didn’t happen last night.

    Kahron: Two quick PFs resulted in another quick exit from the game. Perhaps trying to do too much, as parents had a ringside seat in Row 1/ Section 3. Look for a big bounce back effort against Rider on Friday.

    Other Thoughts……………..

    Corey Schaefer: Let it fly, Man! Too often – by my count 4 times – our captain would not pull the trigger on an open shot. Good assist man (picked up another 4 last night) but an equally fine shooter (3 for 6 on the year with a career shooting percentage of .429). Would like to see him come off of picks and not position himself in the corners.

    Brandon Austin: Gotta love his move to the basket and energetic play. Sure to be a fan favorite. After seeing little (5 minutes) playing time in Game 1 (Reed held him out for what was an apparent matter of misconduct…missing team event/meeting, etc.), he set out to prove himself worthy of playing time last night and did so in a big way.

    Jesse Chuku: Need your interior presence. Four offensive rebounds in two games (50 minutes) won’t cut it. PS: The 3’s (0 for 4) are not falling anyway.

    When will we see either JRG or KMcC?

    Is CB still hurting physically?


    Crowd is definitely disappointing for a home opener. On the plus side, it’s probably a good thing that very few casual fans saw that game. Not exactly a shining example of high quality D1 basketball. The pep-band and cheerleader comments are spot on though.

    The good news on JC is that he is now 5 for 6 from 2 on the year. A much improved start over his <40% from 2 last season. And I loved how many balls JG kept alive on the boards. He was working very hard last night.

    I still think the goal for this team is a top half finish in the PL and an above .500 record overall in a maturation year.



    On goldy, weird to see him operating around ft line instadd of in paint down low. He did damage last year down low in paint on the box, we haven’t fed him enough down low for post up opps. Ba passing was impressive last night, he ran 1 a lot in Hschool so he has a guards game in a 6’5 frame. He’s an athlete as well and can help on glass like he did last night. He’s a keeper.

    I think BA at the 3 with AP at the 2 is going to be a nice lineup for us with either kahron or corey at the 1.



    Lehigh students, alumni, and fans should be embarrassed! What an awful turn out for a home opener for a team that showed so much against Nova. I have been to High School, D3, and D2 basketball games with three times as many fans in the stands. Not to mention the lifelessness of the few fans that were there, pathetic!

    Unfortunately the players seemed to reflect the attitude of the crowd and no-show students. Team was lifeless unfocused and genuinely seemed disinterested at times. Hopefully just hangover effects of great effort against Nova.

    TK: Was good but I think even if you asked him he would say he should have been way better. We can talk about unlucky rolls but I believe you control your luck by the way you play. Some of those rolls where a direct effect of being off balance or going up to softly. POY candidate for sure should be better.

    AP: ?

    KR: Made some rookie mistakes but all in all his play was solid for 2nd game of his career. Sat way to long in first half.

    JC: Another disapperaring act. Brilliant at times then unseen for long stretches.

    JG: What does he need to do to warrant more time? Changed game right before halftime then very limited time in second half.

    CS: Needs to step up vocally and demand a bigger role offensively.

    BA: Slow down everyone. He did do some things well. However, watch the little things. He got bailed out on the first two shots with foul calls which were not fouls. His shot selection is not good even on two of the shots he made which will hurt this team down the road if it continues. I did like the fact that he got to the line and made his free throws. I do get nervous with players that seem to be concerned with individual production over the team. Just a feeling.

    Talented team that seems to be missing something, hopefully they come together over the next couple weeks. Little nervous because IMHO Canisius is a 500 team at best, I was not impressed.



    I’m a little worried moving on to Rider on Friday. Rider is 1-1 with a close loss at Princeton and a relatively easy win vs Penn. Rider packs them in pretty good to that high school gym they call an arena. Last time Lehigh was there, it was pretty much a sell out (1500) and we lost.

    Another worrisome thing for me is this. AD, remember him, is a bit player on this Rider squad. Averaging about 18 minutes off the bench and 2.5 ppg. He would probably be a starter for Lehigh. Hmmmmmm………



    AD =The Draz

    No doubt Anthony will be out to win one for his new team. Equally sure he remembers a lot about Reed – his coaching philosophy and game plans. After all he did spend three years on the court and one year on the sidelines and in meetings. Anxious to witness the impact it’ll have on this game. Only sorry The Draz couldn’t have finished up his career with us. As many know he was shut down his senior year with Plantar Fasciitis (fashee-EYE-tiss) – or an inflammation of the band of tissue (the plantar fascia) that extends from the heel to the toes. In this condition, the fascia first becomes irritated and then inflamed, resulting in heel pain. Take if from someone who knows, it’s no fun. I can’t think of a more debilitating injury for a basketball player.

    A salute to the Draz:

      His Last Year of Competition (2012-‘13)

    GP 31
    GS 29
    FG% .403
    PPG 6.4
    RPG 3.7
    Named a Patriot League Academic Honor Roll recipient



    Such a disappointment after a great effort against Nova. At first, I felt bad for the team that so few folks came out to watch, but ultimately I was disappointed for the fans that had to watch such an awful performance. So many wasted and pointless possessions.

    Sorry to be so harsh. But I hold Doc primarily responsible. What were they trying to accomplish? Chuku’s 3 point game? The Freshman’s penetration adventures?

    Kempton had a nice performance, but it did not seem they were really trying to establish anything with him.

    IMO, Corey is our best outside shooter – after 84 games at Lehigh he has pretty well established that. So why does he think his job is to swing the ball to a Freshman? Why is he pass first, drive and pass second, shoot third?

    I’d like to see Corey and Tim in a two man game. Last year we were using a high screen with big to create a pick-n-roll. Where is that?

    Lastly. I’m trying done waiting for SC to demonstrate his shooting prowess. He may be a ‘sniper’ in practice or in warm-ups or in summer league – but in games he does not seem to be able to relax.

    Perhaps that is on Doc – none of his senior leaders seem to play with any confidence or flow ..




    I think your post is right on. I would love to see TK and CS run the high pick and roll. We used to run it a ton with GK, although I didn’t like it when he popped as a jump shooter rather than rolled to the hoop. But, it would be nice to see TK set the high pick and let CS work off of it. That would be a solid 2 man game.

    Regarding SC, he has been a bit of an enigma since he arrived. He has had his spots where he knocked down some jumpers in games, but never the consistency. He has never really gotten consistent minutes, and he has never taken a stranglehold on a position. I like to arrive early and watch the shootarounds before games. I recall one night at Bucknell, watching SC knock down about 30 3’s in a row, and I have seen CS put on similar displays. But, you have to be able to do it with a hand in your face, coming off a screen with little time to square up.

    I think CS needs to change his game a little bit. He needs to be a primary scorer on this team. Not the first option, that will be TK, but I would be comfortable with him as a second option, or definitely a third option. Doesn’t look like we are going to get big scoring from the PG spot, or the 4 spot, so up to AP and CS to carry us from the outside. I am fine with either of them off the dribble as well, but tough for them to consistently finish at 6’3″.

    I think CS has the basketball IQ to know his role. He has to know with his experience, the times in a game where he needs to step up his offensive production and become a leader at that end of the floor. When the team is struggling to get buckets, he needs to be a lot more selfish.

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