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    They have ranked every D-1 program with a short blurb on each. Here is how we look this season.

    LEHIGH 159

    Xavier 5
    Yale 105
    Princeton 54
    Miss St 89
    Ark St 259
    LaSalle 133
    Robt Morris 262
    Stony Brook 214
    MSM 229
    St Fran PA 333

    Bucknell 184
    Boston U 205
    Holy Cross 215
    Navy 279
    Army 301
    Colgate 314
    American 324
    Lafayette 342

    Schedule looks very favorable and PL looks weak.

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    Thanks ’90. I would expect BU to be in the top 150 or so with all of their talent if they can put it together at all. I also think (and hope) that Bucknell, HC, and American are better than these predictions.

    In the OOC, LaSalle is a pretty big wildcard with a bunch of transfers. They could be quite good if it works or a disaster if not. One of their supposedly impact transfers has already left the program in the pre-season.



    Great work, 90!

    And, not to be overlooked: Loyola #304

    304. Loyola (MD)
    Not enough pressure defense and not enough toughness inside to put the Greyhounds higher. They’ll be battling at the bottom of the Patriot League.

    Average PL Ranking: 262.7



    It would be really nice to get a win in the first 4 games. Maybe we knock off one of the Ivies or pull upset at Miss St.



    KenPom has also published initial rankings for the upcoming season. Time to re-up!! Sneak preview – he has us at #142, followed in the PL by BU at 162, and Bucky at 179. Bottom half of PL is… not pretty.

    For OOC schedule, our top opponents:
    Xavier 11
    Princeton 35
    La Salle 100
    Miss St. 102
    Yale 116

    For those into such numbers – beating Princeton at home on 11/20 would be a NICE boost, I think. PL comes in at #26 conference, while Ivy is at 14. Ivies have at least a handful of teams with very high expectations.



    I would also recommend checking out They rank the Top 144 teams nationally. Lehigh checking in at 119 there, the only PL team on the list. Very good synopsis of Lehigh there. Good discussion of lineup options (Holba vs going small).



    Fox Sports has posted their rankings now too. We land at #122 there.

    Fox Sports Preseason Rankings

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