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    I almost hate to do anything like this … but we are five games into the season … and it’s always fun to play what if …

    It’s a big assumption — as Chris Lum and his teammates have to stay healthy for six more games and anything can happen in PL play — but, what if CL continued to rack up 371 yards per game total offense over the course of the year?

    How would we put such a season in perspective? Compare it to FCS total offense leaders the past several years:

    Mike Brown, Liberty (354 ypg), still at Liberty

    Dominic Randolph (354), Holy Cross, NFL cup of coffee
    John Skelton (348), Fordham, NFL
    Armanti Edwards (330), Appalachian State, NFL

    Dominic Randolph (356), Holy Cross, NFL cup of coffee
    Rhett Bomar (354), Sam Houston State, NFL until a DUI

    Josh Johnson (371), San Diego State, NFL
    Dominic Randolph (340), Holy Cross, NFL cup of coffee
    Scott Riddle (339), Elon, NFL cup of coffee
    No. 10: Joe Flacco (285), Delaware, NFL

    Josh Johnson (336), San Diego State, NFL
    Tyler Thigpen (329), Coastal Carolina, NFL

    I hope Chris, his coaches and his teammates can keep up their performances. They will be in elite company. They must take it one play at a time …


    :D would be great. But it should not be their goal. Teams like that do not win championships. Our goal must be to win whether Lum passing or Barket and Sherman running. We must maximize wins not Chris’ numbers.

    Bucknell is target for this week. Good team getting better but very weak schedule so fsr. We have 2 more weeks then a bye



    I do not think any Lehigh QB has ever had a pair of wide receivers that Chris Lum does. The defense can not double one without the other been single covered. Plus he has two running backs that are also good receivers. Finally he has an OC that has been able to adjust to different defensive sets.

    This perfect passing storm accounts in part for the numbers that Chris has put up. His five games look like a good full season for my QBs.



    the weakness in the Lehigh offense are those interceptions, however.

    Lum has to reduce the interceptions significantly…


    Agree with Historian and The Fan.

    This crew has very few drops, particularly compared to the WRs who played early in the Coen tenure.

    I wonder why — seriously — just the ball he throws, better training, natural talent, mental toughness, etc.???

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