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    With the long lay off between games and an hour ride each way into Boston, gave me some time to ponder chances of CJ obtaining the mythical 3,000 career point mark. Right now, you’re thinking 3,000, no way, I did the same thing. But when you break these things down, the math works in the kids favor.

    Over the last 4 years, the Hall and Z era, the team played 31, 29, 29, 33 games respectively in each season. This included 3 one and dones in PL is quick memory holds(thanks Army), and one glory ride to the NCAA Tourney versus Kansas down 6 with 13 minutes left in 2nd half. So, if you use that exact game total, 122 to be exact for CJ Career, he’d have to average 24.6 ppg to get that accomplished. That, off of last years 19.1, would be tough but certainly impossible. However, if you assume CJ gets to tourney just one other time, plus let’s say one one and done and maybe a PL final exit, that would safely put a game total at around 33, 33, 29, 32 which would equal 127. If he plays 127 games for his career, he’d have to average 23.6 points per game. Now he didn’t do that last year, but he looks to be on pace to average that this year if you just take his PL games average from last year and apply that to his current out of conference game average of 22+ per game. Of course, if he goes 4 for 4 in PL play and gets 33 games a year, he’d only have to average 22.7 per game…..its simple right, more wins = more games = lower ppg to get to 3,000.

    Having said all of that, would love a 40 point outburst and a win at USC…

    Go Engineers!



    We hope to see a victory against USC! A nice homecoming for the 4 west coast guys. Wishing CJ and the team a good game. Go Lehigh! LU needs to pick it up. AU and BU are rolling, HC even got in a W.

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