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    constanly throwing bombs in a stiff wind? it didn’t work once.

    going for a FG in 4th qtr. with a shaky kicker who’s only made 1 FG all season. also, did coen think he was going to then score again when we didn’t come close to scoring for 3.5 qts :?:

    radio guys (who were questioning coaching all game) made great point on fake punt. Lehigh had 10 guys in a 3 point stance – so no one could see what was happening. whereas Yale on punt return keeps 4 guys a few yds back STANDING up – like LBs… so they can SEE what’s happening :idea:



    I thought the FG attempt was defensible, with 4th and goal from the 11. There was no reason to believe they could score from 11 yards out, given that they hadn’t converted a 3rd down all day. Better to get 3 points on the board, and maybe motivate the O on the next possesion.
    A tough call in a tough situation, but one I agreed with at the time.
    If Clark hadn’t been sacked on 3rd down, I would definately have gone for it. JJH

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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