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    Definitely worth a listen:

    When pushed for a starting 5 Reed says:
    “It may include starting 3 players that have never played against college competition.”

    He then names Chuku, Kempton, and Price specifically.

    Reed’s portion of the podcast starts around 24:10.

    Sounds like Friday night might be Mackey, Corey, AP, JC, and TK. Will be very exciting to see all the new faces.





    Wow – that’s kinda exciting, to me at least. Did not see the AP start coming. But I think that’s good news. If doc has the confidence to start him, I’m hopeful that it means he’s fillin’ it up in practice and scrimmages. And my biggest concern has been “where will the points come from?”.
    Gonna stick by my thought that this is not the nightmare match-up that a Big10 game could be.
    From the Minny scrimmage highlights, it looks to me like Osenieks is not really a post player – so I don’t think we’ll necessarily face the size disadvantage I’d usually expect (Baylor game). Excited. Is it Friday yet?



    This is phenomenal news for so many reasons.

    1. Reed sees big upside in both AP and TK. TK we talked about if good we saw clear cut path to starting ASAP. AP though is great news because to push a senior leader to bench AD or even if he pushed CS to bench would be a good sign cause its so easy to just bring him off bench for a while, CJ came off bench first two games even.

    2. This is huge for frontcourt that TK and JC are ready to rock. Means you still have JG off bench and hopefully SW is ready. Will be interesting to see how reed uses SW. Does he use him as a small 4 with one other big out there or have SW at 3 in what would be a BIG LU lineup. Seems frontcourt rotation is JC TK at the start and we will see how JG and SW get used. I think CB is 5th.

    3. For guards your rotation is MM CS AP and AD…then interesting how much MS can establish himself in loaded backcourt and if he gets a shot early pre-SC return if SC can’t go xome Friday.

    This news is great so fired up for game, can’t believe I am going!!!!! Wish you all were to!

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