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    7pm, Saturday, December 3rd
    @ Cornell

    Game Notes

    Lehigh … /46808.PDF

    Cornell … 15555.aspx

    Cornell Daily Sun Preview: … .html#more



    Looks like game is $7.50 for day pass from cornell site.


    3-24 way we should have lost this game.



    Agreed, you can’t lose that game. Outside of your big 4 scorers, the rest of the team combined scores 6 points. Not good, somebody needs to step it up coming off the bench.



    Didn’t see or attend the Big Red game. Instead, went down to Towson to see LU’s quarter-final win in football, 40-38, in what had to be the most exciting/entertaining game of the year. Lum certainly impressed what NFL scouts were in attendance.

    As for this b’ball game, Reed was quoted in his postgame interview with saying "it was an off-shooting night for us," and "we ended up taking bad shots." That’s putting it mildly. But, what I’m beginning to think is not so much about ‘bad’ shots but ‘type’ of shots. What’s with this sudden infatuation with the 3-pointer?" And, are the right guys taking the "3s?" Or, do we really have a quality bomber on the roster? We are after all nine games into the season (nearly 1/3rd over) and it may be time to express some concern.
    Last year, the team threw-up 525 from long range or 16.9 attempts per game. This year, we’re averaging 20.4/game and connecting on but 6.2/game (.304 average). That’s 7th best in the league – only Navy is worse. Last year we could look to Michael Ojo (.402 and only one >.400 on the team) for help; this year I’m not so sure where we look. I was hoping it might be AD or SC, but to date no such luck. AD is 0 for 6 in his last two and only 2 for 19 in his last six. Yet, during his last six he has shown good penetration moves, connecting on 5 of 9 from in close. SC is 0 for 5 with 3’s over the last two and just 8 for 20 for the season. This year we have only one player knocking down 3’s at .400 and above and, of all people, that’s Gabe Knutson at 2 for 5. Holden Greiner, after going 4 for 7 against Fordham on Thursday, couldn’t fine the net (0 for 5) on his 3’s last night. CJ, Mackey and Corey are all at or under .333. Where will long range help come from? BJ? He hasn’t attempted a 3 in over two years.

    Hey, we’re not the only ones feeling blue today, Bucknell got thrashed by LaSalle 78-52 yesterday with Mike Muscala going 1 for 9.

    On to Game 10, St. Francis (PA) on Wednesday.



    I saw the game. We came out of the gate slow and showed no urgency. The bangers off the bench, JA, CB and Maneri were not in the game long. JA went out hurt, took a nice slam on the floor, looked like he slipped. Reed needs these bangers to be tough. CB did not look comfortable. AD came in and started shooting, not much hesitation or getting a good look. From what I could see, correct me LU65 if I am wrong, the team did not pass the ball around very much. Add the turnovers, especially in OT, we are toast. With all that said, this game was winnable. 3.5 seconds left, you give that ball to a faster, more accurate shooter. I would have given it to CJ or HG, yes I said HG. GK was too slow to take shot. Of course, I am not a coach. Now let’s move on to the next game. Go LU!



    I did not get to see the game but the last play was on the highlight video. It looked like Gabe wanted to give up the ball but when a defender swooped into the passing lane he made a quick decision to move the ball up-court and shoot it himself. Presuming there were no timeouts available, I think he did well under the circumstances. The big man plays with a lot of heart ..



    Found this on Lehigh Sports Facebook. A Lehigh player chosen as player of the week.

    Looks like someone outside of the patriot league is watching and supports gohawks63 assessment.

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