Could the Lady Hawks get an 8 seed in the NCAA Tourney?

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    I know it’s early, but Lehigh is 10-2 with wins over Villanova (Big East) and Duquesne (Atlantic 10) and currently have a Real Time RPI of 55.

    Of their remaining opponents, none currently have an RPI higer than 165 (Holy Cross). Next up is American (170) and everyone else has an RPI below 200.

    Their only losses came to high-RPI teams Vanderbilt (9-1, RPI 48) out of the SEC and Princeton (8-2, RPI 74) out of the Ivy.

    It’s awfully hard to go undefeated in Patriot League play, but could this team do it? They’re a lot more than Prosser. And if they do, could they really get that 8/9 seed?


    Lunardi’s site – which is usually more reliable than RealTimeRPI has the LU RPI at 71 as of this morning: .

    With the schedule they have left, it is unlikely their RPI will be better than that as of year-end, and their SOS will be well over 200. Thus I think their best-case seed is likely a 10 or 11 if they go undefeated.

    One other thing to keep in mind is that the games vs Villanova and Duquesne will become less helpful to the RPI as the season progresses, since both of those teams will see their records get worse – and that is the #1 factor in determining the LU RPI. Villanova in particular will hurt, since they will have a sub-.500 record the rest of the way.



    Lehigh’s RPI, according to the site you mentioned, is now 48 with the wins over St. Bonaventure and Akron. Also worthy of mention is that Villanova is 10-2 with an RPI of 60 and a win over Temple (RPI 26).

    Assuming the Lady Hawks at a minimum take the PL tournament (with, say, three losses the rest of the way), I’m thinking a 13 seed minimum. If they shoot the moon… I think they could get a 8, 9 or 10 seed. IMO.

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