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    I think one of the real questions should be: Is college a place for criminals?

    I’d argue kids make mistakes. The vast majority of first-time misdemeanants are not a problem. But what if they’re second or third-time offenders who do not learn from their brushes with the law.

    But felons?

    Perhaps the biggest issue is parents like me or you — of regular kids in school who expect them to be in a safe environment.



    college is a place for felons, criminals should be able to vote and we should stop playing the game of football because of concussions. Just ask ask any liberal. Kids today are screwed because of politics and the future is bleak. The left leaning courts will ensure failure at any level. BTW, regular parents are the minority, but split families, gay parents, and anyone else that can benefit from the government perhaps are the problem to your first question.



    You don’t want to prevent everyone who did a stupid thing from getting into college. However, colleges are required by law to be accountable for the crime that happens on their campus, so that would seem to require some measures be put in place to guarantee student safety. Some crimes, to put it mildly, preclude them from setting foot on a college campus. Others could possibly be classified as “youthful indiscretions”.

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