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    Find a QB? Is Shaf not an option based on a bad series versus Lafayette?



    I don’t think anyone is saying that Shafnisky is not an option. He is simply alluding to picking one among Shanisky, McHale, Poutier (who returns) and Visconti and then sticking with it. Rich can correct me if I’m wrong.


    IMO, Nick is our best option. My point was merely that Andy should pick the QB to maximize time new OC has to work with him Each of the 4 has skills to offer but Nick has the biggest upside..



    Agree on the QB situataion – in Off Season leading up to Spring you need to determine who is leading candidate and then major in him thru Spring ball.

    Per the Def – do not discount the problems that everything is OK.
    What is our identity on DEF? We do not have one!
    Let’s take Laf game – what in the world was our def game plan? Their offense was avg at best with a decent QB – TB – WR (look how Hew Hamp shut them down)
    There were times when we were out flanked and had 2 down linemen on one side of the ball and 2 stand up OLB on the other with a TE/Wing to the side. That is poor defense – this did not happen just one time.

    4th and 26 Are you kidding me!!!! No one play causes you to lose but this one had major implications. This is coaching – not putting players in the correct position. This play defined the season for me defensively!

    Slip Screen that broke our backs in the 4th QT – we look like we never ran a pursuit drill. Pursuit was terrible – this is coaching when you are playing the 11th game.

    How many times did we lose contain???? and let their QB get the edge and hurt us. OLB’s were not disciplined and we had a NG containig on some calls in MOF. Cmon, this is not sound football.

    Our middle DL/ILB’s got eaten alive by an avg OL – how many yds rushing? 300 – the LB’s looked soft and could not get off blocks. Plus the missed tackles by these guys is getting to the point to where I wonder if they ever do any tackling drills as a def.

    Playing Man def in the secondary deep in their territory! This is fundamentally un sound especially when done every game. This is a set up for failure – and when we play zone the receivers never get touched or redirected. This is poor OLB ILB and DB play!

    These are just a few issues from one game –

    Someone mentioned run a 4-3 (we do not have the size to run this upfront) IMO – but I truly wonder what one would call our Def since as I said earlier we do not have an identity. This goes back to CO DEF CORD and Coaching!

    Is it the players or the coaching! Has to be one or the other.

    Lot of work to do on both sides of the ball!



    Wow,someone really has it in for the D,and like I said,they may be the strong suit of the team next season.The 4th and 26 was pass interference on Ross(so forget that play)When you have a safety that spectates and doesn’t react until after the fact,that is coaching.(but the kid was a 2 year starter????) Even losing Ward,the secondary will be better if…..Campbell moves to SS. Rigaud looks to be the real deal after watching him as a sophomore. Find a corner(maybe a HEALTHY Suggs) and FS(Wilmington looked good at times) that can flow and not watch the plays,secondary will improve. Get Laub,Kondas,Robb,and Caslow on the field together,fill your line with Newton,Gyles and a few of the younger guys and stick with the 2-5(4-3).


    Rigaud will start. Look for Leaks also. Wilmington and Lawson at S.
    DL Smith and Stubbs are studs but both DEs. LBs are deep and good. Say it again ,inability of DL to control or at least stalemate line of scrimmage created cascade failure of D.



    Since we are going to have a new offensive coordinator, I hope Andy has the guts to replace the defensive coordinator as well. I truly believe we have good athletes on defense, so the problem has to be coaching. Is Bottiglieri the man for the job? Although it was a long time ago, he did a good job in 1998 and 1999. Is it possible that Andy bought hired him back into the program to put him in that role after the season?



    The 4th and 26th / how can one forget that play? Was PI called? No – so it was not PI> Yes it was a bad no call – but point being – the Cov call was not a good call for the down and distance. The player should not have been put in this position.
    The DB in this case should not have let the WR outside of him – the replay shows that he bit and subsequently the WR got behind him. The DB should have never been put in this situation to run with a guy by himself 4 – 26.
    I am calling it like it is – don’t have it in for the D but after seeing us do things that are fundamentally unsound it gets old.

    Again – this D needs an Identity and it starts upfront!
    The personnel is not there for a 4-3 and the 2/5 not sure what that is but it is there for a 3/4.
    NT is needed from the bunch of DL. (not 57 nor 96) they are sterotypical 5 TECH and should stay here / 4Tech as well. We need to control or at least stalemate the LOS as one blogger said. This has to do with Tech / align as much as it has to do with personnel and back to identity and coaching. Getting guys in the correct position.

    96, 57 at DE plus I would add a few pounds to 40 and put his hand on the ground as a DE. He would be more athletic than many OT’s and not have the outside containment and pass resp that he struggles with some.
    57 would dominate at this position – he is not an inside DT.

    OLB’s – 38 would be better outside than in / inside he is a bit lite in tail and athletically suited better outside. Outside his tall / lanky body would be a benefit rushing the passer and in coverage. 42 did a great job last year and has another year. 39 also showed some ability this year.

    31,56,and 47 all played and showed well at times / made plays and with more reps should be solid. Plus, I am sure there are a couple guys that can fill in and will surprise. We have depth here –

    DB’s – good athlets – 26, 28, 8, (29) should be moved to DB – SS but can he handle 2 deep zone after playing up, 14 and 13. This is a deep group and athletic – drill and work on a few zone coverages, plus man and man under and let them play.
    Forget about all these fancy coverages that look good on the board – it is on the grass that counts.

    My point – this is a good nucleus of guys and I may have missed some but all these guys for the most part started and played some.

    We need an Identity – one guy calling the shots that these kids would rally around and a good supporting cast – and KISS for the Def Playbook.



    Dear King? there is not a NG on the team(see #72 the past years) I will use his name because as a fan YOU should know the names. Sajjad Chagani is exactly what this D needed, and NO there is not one on the roster. With schollies, THAT is the #1 recruit. You CANNOT run a 3-4 without that player,so yes , the 4-3/2-5-5 suites a smaller but faster team. Your #56 and #42 should play special teams, and allow younger players like Ripanti and Caslow and Robb and Laub ETC to play the LB’s’. As someone that has studied this D for the past 4 seasons,yes they had their issues this year… BUT trashing coaches and bad mouthing a group that has gone 39-9…..Belongs on the Lafayette board. I thought 8-3 or 9-2 would have been a great year for this team and it happened. Hopefully your “player” gets on the field more next season and your disposition brightens.


    Well said M. Aand I agree with disagre
    eing with his opinion.
    But, he is entitled to it whether we agree or not and he is free to post it.



    It would be easier and more efficent to develop a NT than have a def due to lack of one player. Why let the entire D suffer for one position. A NT playing a shade / slanting and angling does not have to be a huge beast. Plus – in the 3/4 it is very easy to slide to even front.
    I am not attacking any of the players personally – constructively yes. If you think that attacking Laub by saying he is better suited to put his hand on the ground than than you are wrong. This is a compliment IMO – he is a tough kid, approx 235 could easily be 250 and athletically he would be at an advantage over a OT!I believe he would dominate at this position. Same for Robb – he is athletic would be better in space than Inside where he is light in tail. 210 is not thick enough especially with his heigth. I believe he would dominate here –
    I list #’s because it is faster and I do not want to mis spell kids names – plus this is how I see the players.
    There is no such def in all of football as the 2/5
    The 4/2 yes – good in passing leagues – out West where it originated from. Plus, the 4/2 is a very complicated D and this has been one of my points from the start – to much D which leads to busted assign and big plays.
    4/3 – need big inside T’s and we do not have plus we have an abundance of LB type players.
    IMO – personnel suited for 3/4 and as you pointed out that you have been studying this D for 4 years than would you aggree.
    Does not matter age of player – the guys who come to play and perform in practice and games should play. Never look to next year – that is my next point. Win now – never know what next year brings!

      Yes – 8/3 is a good year! 39 – 9 is unreaal in any sport and division. Many teams and coaches would give their left —- to have this record. However, if there is anyone on this board that does not believe Lehigh left 2 PLC on the field than I would disaggree with them. Champ are not EZ to come by nor even just a shot at one. But, Lehigh let these 2 slip by – Andy and the boys have 4 in a row – wow talk about dynasty. Yes, this is not good and why many are concerned – very difficult to turn the ship once it starts going in this direction.

    I am not trashing coaches personally nor would I ever do this – but I will talk football and point out issues that I believe need to be improved upon and areas where we just are fundamentally unsound.
    Laf Board – I do not beieve this is bashing and I could care less what Laf Board – Gate boarde etc., say we need to take care of home and make sure that Lehigh is set. It does not matter what all the other team boards are saying.

    Same as in football – we have an Offensive Identity and no matter what the D does there are certain things we can run. This is what we need to build on D – an identity so that when all else fails we can line up and be sound vs anything. It may not be the best D for a certain play etc., but all 11 guys will be on same page and play WO fundamental mistakes and MA’s.


    OK, agree we left PL title on the field qith Gate loss. The fact that we failed to show up for Bucknell this year was distressing. But, these are college kids. Over my yrs with LU , there is rarely a season w/o a WTF game. Bucknell was ours. We all had our expectations soar after the OOC games. This was a rebuilding year. Once we lost BB, the margin we had to take title was beyond razor thin. The loss to Pards ,always annoying, but not a shock. Simply,w/o BB Pards a better team.

    The most important takeaway from the season is the failure of D. I am a bit optimistic given the signs of life D showed late in the season. The problem? Talent,co-Ds,inexperience,lack of a NG… Probably a bit of all of these.There is a good amount of talent at every level IMO. Up to Andy’s staff to properly use it. The key to me is a runstopper on the DL. The inability of DL to win LOS cascaded back to put LBs and DBs under too much pressure. NG is not a matter of size. We have had very good runstoppers from 245 to 290. We need to find one or alter D scheme to bolster DL production. D seemed most effective at LOS this yr when Nigel was move onto the DL and conversely when we switched to only 2 DL with 5 LBs.
    D calls throughout season were at times perplexing. Bad guesses by DC? Ineffective execution? We can speculate but it remains for Andy to fix it. We have had many yrs where we relied on outscoring opposition as our main D. We got snagged this year by losing BB.Championship teams need a Defense. If we hope to challenge Fordham and Lafayette next year, D will be the key.



    “We have an Identity on Offense”? What will that be? NO Chick,No Kurfis,No BB,No Sherman,No Serg, NO Zach, No Sean. Stop focusing on the D, as our offense will be the side of the ball that needs work. This years D only had 3 starters back from last season. A season to remember. 2 rings in 4 years is good,but 4 would have been nice……..that’s why we play the lottery(and the game)……..there is always a chance for anyone to win.



    THE 2-5-4 (Lehigh version)for the king http://www.behindthesteelcurtain.com/2009/9/21/1047264/the-2-4-5-and-1-5-5-revealed Campbell made it a 2-5-4 or 2-4-5, but same D. Let’s just be aggressive and not wait for plays to come to us.

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