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    Michael Colvin

    Games Played: 5 (all but the first against Drake)
    Started: 1 (UNH)
    Saw significant time in relief: 1 (Princeton)
    Inserted in Wildcat: 3 (Villanova, Fordham, and Harvard)

    Michael’s stats in the Wildcat QB role leaves a lot to be desired (see below).
    Rushes: 20 attempted for 57 net yards (2.85 ypr)
    Passing: 4 for 9 net yards (2.25 ypp)

    What’s more they should come as no surprise to our opponent, as over 83% of the time he’ll take off with the ball himself. Throw in an occasional hand-off and the run/pass play ratio approaches 9:1. Why then continue with the Wildcat? Who are we fooling? What’s more, it doesn’t seem to be working. Does Lum really need a 8-10 sideline breaks each game to catch his breath or talk things over with Coen? Or does the Wildcat just disrupt Lum’s timing, concentration, and game management skills? It time to show confidence in our quarterback (remember he did beat out Clark and Colvin for the job) and honor his play the last two weeks (35 for 61 for 445 yards with 4TDs and 1 INT). I say ditch the Wildcat! Ride Lum, and his QB Efficiency Rating of 120.8, the rest of the way.


    Good call, LU65. You’re in the running for next OC.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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