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    Might want to keep that code quiet. If Dookies get it, we will all be scalping tickets.



    Can we delete LU65’s post? I imagine Duke people and others will be logging on to this site. That is meant only for Lehigh eyes. Let’s not advertise that code.

    Is there a private message?


    If our guys play like the did at St. Johns (for the first 38 minutes) and at Michigan State, they can pull off the shocker. But everyone else has to step up to give CJ room. Gabe showed he can go at the bigger guys as he did with Muscala, and Adams, Greiner and Maneiri need to make the most of getting position. I’m sure the refs down on ‘tobacco road’ won’t be giving us any breaks. Duke lives by the ‘3’, if we can get them out of sinc, that will be the key. At least there will be one game where there are true ‘student-athletes’ on the court.



    By the numbers………..

    Sagarin Predictor
    LU 93
    Duke 12
    Line: Duke -9 1/2

    LU 86
    Duke 17
    Duke wins 80-69 (82% chance)

    TEAM / Tempo / Off. Efficiency / Def. Efficiency / 2FG% / 3FG% / FT%
    Note: (numbers represent national ranking)

    LU / 68.6 (56th) / 106.5 (81st) / 97.4 (102nd) / 49.7 (108th) / 35.5 (118th) / 77.4 (4)
    D / 67.5 (100th) / 117.0 (9th) / 94.7 (62nd) / 50.9 (56th) / 37.6 (44th) / 70.2 (134th)

    Duke – 12



    Take the points, Lehigh outright.



    Interesting fact that may benefit Lehigh. Carolina plays in the 410 PM game, prior to our game, in the second half of the afternoon doubleheader in Greensboro. I realize they kick everybody out after the first two games. But, if a lot of Carolina fans also have bought tickets for the evening session, or if Carolina fans get late tickets into that session, they will all be rooting for Lehigh, as they all hate Duke. Could have a nice Carolina/Lehigh underdog alliance.



    FYI, I’m trying to get some sort of private message thing so folks can communicate on how to meet in Greensboro. I’m also trying to do this around day job commitments and scheming a way for myself to get to Greensboro – or at least set up my own viewing party.



    lehigh90, love the idea. Do you remember back in ’05 when the Northern Iowa band played for Bucknell as they set aside Kansas, a 3 seed. I’m sure there’ll be more than a few NC fans who purchased tickets for the nightcap on Friday and ready to cheer for Lehigh. Their band probably knows a few choice songs. It could be quite a sight! National TV, I understand, no less!



    Thanks lfn…we appreciate your efforts.



    Couple stats I found interesting when comparing LU and Duke on the KenPom site. Some of these conflict with 65’s above so maybe I am interpreting some things wrong as I don’t have a subscription? But I’ll go ahead anyway.
    national rank in ( )
    Offensive Efficiency:
    LU: 1.07 (37)
    Duke: 1.11 (12)
    Shooting % Offense:
    LU: 44.5% (112)
    Duke: 45.8% (75)
    Defensive Efficiency:
    LU: 0.93 (44)
    Duke: 0.98 (145)
    Shooting % Defense:
    LU: 41.7% (90)
    Duke: 43.3% (165)
    Offensive Rebounding %:
    LU: 28.7% (230)
    Duke: 33.5% (70)
    Defensive Rebounding %:
    LU: 72.4% (72)
    Duke: 68.6% (216)
    Opponent Fouls:
    LU: 18.7 (117)
    Duke: 20.8 (13)

    Many of these stats are a bit surprising to me, but everything has to be viewed with the knowledge that Duke played a much tougher schedule. But let’s take a look at a few anyway. Defensive efficiency stood out to me. We have been playing great D overall in our 8-0 run and the effeciency reflects that. Our ppg doesn’t always reflect because of our pace of play. Same thing with our shooting defense. And I like seeing Duke’s being average at best in both of these categories, while we are above average.

    Rebounding I think we all know will be a key factor already. Clearly we do not rebound well offensively, though Duke does not rebound defensively well on their end, so maybe that will wash out pretty evenly. Meanwhile, both teams are top 75 on the other end (LU D, Duke O). Clearly we will be seeing a different frontcourt than the PL though. Looking back I was surprised to see we had more offensive rebounds in the St. Johns and Iowa State games, but we got killed vs Mich State (22-9) while we only had 20 defensive. So they had more offensive than we did defensive. The AU loss was also a disaster on the boards. For fouls, obviously their size and speed will be key for them putting us in foul trouble.

    So what does this all mean? Well I feel good about our matchup when looking at our efficiencies and shooting %’s compared to theirs. Also, their numbers have suffered lately, though that may have been due to competition (VT then UNC). But maybe it was the loss of Ryan Kelly (more on his status just below). He is their 3rd leading scorer (11.8) and rebounder (5.4) and shoots 41% from 3 (1st on team). If we can limit their offensive rebounds, while picking up a couple offensive of our own, and avoid putting them in the bonus too early, I like our chances to keep it close if both teams have relatively similar shooting nights. Then who knows what can happen at the end of a game.

    On Ryan Kelly, stopped by the Duke board earlier and they are starting to get worried about his status. Apparently earlier today, Wojo (asst. coach) said in a radio interview: “If we take care of business, we hope to get Ryan back”. Maybe he slipped up, but sounds like he won’t be 100%. And if he is back, he may be rusty.

    I think I have gone on long enough, but I’m feeling optimistic after going through these numbers. Will need a big effort on the boards and some timely shots of course, but can’t wait.



    Greetings. First time poster. I consider myself very fortunate to be an alumnus of both schools. I live in North Carolina and thought I could help anybody coming to the area for the first time.

    Getting here. Driving from the north, I’m not sure whether 95/85 is better than U.S. 29 once you get to DC. There’s not a lot between Petersburg and NC on I-85, and there’s not a lot outside the major cities on U.S. 29. If you fly and drive, Greensboro is a small airport. Raleigh is about 1.25 hours away and has Southwest and JetBlue from Philly and New York. Charlotte is a US Air hub and is one of the most expensive airports in the country.

    The Coliseum. This is a good venue for basketball. You can see the floor pretty well from the top row of an arena. If you got tickets from Lehigh, they will be excellent. If you can’t get tickets through Lehigh or Ticketmaster, you probably can scalp close to face value near tip-off on Friday. Many UNC fans won’t stay for the second game on Friday. I’ve seen people unable to buy tickets at any price for Sunday games.

    Parking. There are two lots by the Coliseum. The main coliseum lot is more secure and good for tailgating. There is a caged lot across the street. It was about $10 to park the last time I was there. Be prepared to park in some business or church and walk a couple blocks given the limited time between sessions.

    The Coliseum area. There is really not a lot within walking distance of the Coliseum. It’s an OK but not a great part of town. There are a bunch of hotels a short drive away along with a big shopping mall. There are a lot of other hotels a few exits to the west along I-40 in the suburban part of Greensboro. East of the Coliseum is an industrial area without many hotels for about 10-12 miles. Mid-level hotels are normally $80-100 night when there isn’t basketball in town.

    What to do on Saturday. Greensboro has a downtown area but there’s a reason Jim Boeheim is complaining about playing the ACC tournament here. It’s not an exciting city. Plan to watch basketball. It’s going to be 70+ degrees this week the last time I checked. If you are so inclined the beaches are about 4-4.5 hours east and the mountains are about 3-3.5 hours west.

    The game itself. It’s a coin flip regardless of what the talking heads and computers might say. Ignore the fact that Duke is 12-0 in NCAA games in this building. From what little I’ve been able to catch, Lehigh plays better as a team for 40 minutes. Duke has had 1 dominant run for 7-10 minutes in most games at some point and has been very unpredictable the rest of the game. Michigan State and St. John’s were both down 20 in the second half but came back in the last 10 minutes to make the loss more respectable. Duke’s been in a scoring slump the past couple weeks but the defense is playing better. I think 3 point shooting on both sides will probably determine the outcome of this game.

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    Thanks for the update. I am sure LU fans appreciate the update. I was checking on line to see what time the Sunday games are. The ticket page says 1:00 game and TBA. Do you have any idea what time the winner of LU/Duke will play on Sunday? I know some LU fans are hanging around, but you mentioned there will not be any tickets.

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    Boys – have fun in nc, I was unable to make the trip work, bummed big time. I will be holed up in a watering hole in boston if anyone wants to join me.

    65 – if you are flying private sunday for game with your pilot friend, let me know, I will bring the beer and chalkboard for some matchup analysis on trip down.



    Hoops00, no flights planned. Tradition has it for football only. But, with a win on Friday, I will be there (somehow) on Sunday. Get yourself down to Jersey and we’ll head out to NC together.



    Great info, lums10. We’re going to be leaving New York and shooting out 78 and down 81. Our crew is staying in the downtown Greensboro Marriott. I was wondering where our seats would be since all Lehigh has sent me is a receipt that says ‘general admission.’ Hoping they have us all together in a section behind the Lehigh bench. Anyone have any information on this?
    For those coming Saturday/Sunday (fingers-crossed) there is also the Amtrak option. We looked into this but the timing didn’t work well for our Friday game.

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