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    So far, Patriot League coming in at 17th ranked conference out of 35, which is slightly higher than some past years, in my recollection.


    Boston U (131)
    Holy Cross (139)
    Lafayette (146)
    American (159)
    Army (160)
    Colgate (223)
    Bucknell (257) (0-2 vs. Top 50)
    Lehigh (267)
    Loyola (297)
    Navy (310) (0-3 vs. Top 50)

    Our losses:

    Villanova (49)
    Canisius (172)
    Rider (200)
    Columbia (117)


    Here is what Pomeroy looks like. Both Pomeroy and Sagarin at this stage still give some amount of weight to last year.

    133 Lafayette
    145 Holy Cross
    159 Boston
    160 American
    166 Army
    193 Bucknell
    203 Colgate
    254 Lehigh
    288 Loyola
    310 Navy

    He has the PL currently at #19, which would be the second highest ever – trailing only the 2012-13 #17 ranking. Also the league has never had more than four top 200 teams. I think that will definitely change this year.



    Hey Bison – do you know if your stream at Toledo tonight is free or subscription, by chance?



    We now see 5 PL teams in the top 200 in both KenPom and Sagarin, as Lehigh just broke that threshold. Per 137’s post above, this may be the first time that’s happened. We are at 199 & 192, respectively. I think a win @ Quinnipiac will continue that upward momentum.

    KenPom still has American at the top with the ‘pards 2nd, while Sagarin has those two reversed. Otherwise pretty similar. I’m not sold on American yet. Seems that they play good defense, and definitely take the air out of the ball (#351 in D1 for pace), but I’m not convinced that they can score enough. We’ll see, I s’pose.


    Pomeroy & Sagarin don’t win or lose games, but they’re great to honestly evaluate past performance and compare teams strengths and weaknesses. But as we all know, a la the investment community, past performance is no guarantee of future results.

    Apparently the secret sauce at Pomeroy values the current results of past opponents pretty heavily. We haven’t played since Saturday, and keep going up. Thank you DePaul & Columbia. And by the way, after watching the pale blue Lions defense against Kentucky last night, maybe our loss to Columbia wasn’t all about our ineptitude on offense.



    Another good PL win last night – Army beat USC. Granted USC doesn’t look like a top team this year, but a Pac 12 win is still nice.
    Also, as of today, we see 6 PL teams in KenPom top 200; Colgate just slid up into that spot.
    I see a few games of interest coming up before league play – American @ LaSalle, HC @ Canisius and then Pitt, ‘Gate @ Columbia, Bucky @ Wake and Siena, a preview of Quinnipiac @ BU and then BU @ Dayton. All of these, of course, in addition to our games @ Quinnipiac and Az St.! My viewing schedule should stay full!



    Another interesting Sagarin fact is that Lehigh women (at 61) are leading a 4 pack of PL teams in the Top 100 in the Sagarin rankings. Bucknell, Army and Lafayette are the others.
    Something to watch. 64 teams make the NCAA tournament. Another 32 make the NIT. I’m not sure what weight these polls have as you go out in the rankings.



    A couple of quick updates on the PL “games to watch”: American beat LaSalle last night. Not earth-shattering, but a very good, quality win imo. Actually had the game in-hand most of the way, but stumbled down the stretch and had to go to OT after a half-court buzzer beater at the end of regulation. They got what I think is a surprisingly good performance from their backup 5, Elcano. He played a very solid offensive game and distributed very nicely from the post.
    I guess I might have to start accepting American as legit. While they shot very well early, for the game it was not exceptional. And they were soundly out-rebounded. But they played very good D, won the turnover battle handily, and got to the line. I think a lot of credit is due to Coach Brennan. He’s got a good, working system and has prepared his guys to execute it.
    For our Quinnipiac preview, BU beat them on Sunday. Won’t be easy by any stretch, but I think it’s a game we should win. Here again, shooting was nothing special, but BU limited the rebounding margin (a Q strength), got to the line and made their FTs, and limited TOs. Papale had a really nice game. For us against Q, I think we’ll need to win the TO battle and be solid on the boards. For the season, Q gets ORs at a crazy high rate.
    No PL games tonight; not sure what I’ll watch!



    Lehigh keeps moving up in Sagarin (while being idle), currently 185.

    I assume this is because our losses are looking better and better.

    Villanova has moved from 49 to 8

    Canisius has moved from 172 to 129

    Columbia has moved from 117 to 91
    Rider has moved from 200 to 194



    New RPI today, we’re up to 146. 6 PL teams in top 200, lead by ‘pards at 48 and American at 84.

    RealTime RPI




    Wonder how high we’ll go when the RPI gets it right! Open link above in which they show us losing to ASU 61-81.



    I think I’m done using RealTimeRPI as my RPI source. They have not corrected the ASU result, and some other stuff looks off to me too. Looks like ESPN has basically done the same thing, replicating the RPI formula; I’ll be using them as my RPI source from now on:




    LU65….I think they may have used the women’s result rather than the mens.

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