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    There are 20 teams selected.
    10 automatically qualify (AQ) as conference champions:

    Big Sky
    Ohio Valley
    Missouri Valley
    Big South

    The next 10 best teams available on a national at-large basis complete the selection. Criteria used in the selection of at-large participants are (1) won-lost record, (2) strength-of-schedule, and (3) eligibility and availability of student-athletes for the NCAA championship.

    There is no limit to the number of teams the committee may select from one conference;
    The won-lost record of a team will be scrutinized to determine a team’s strength of schedule; however, less than seven Division I wins may place a team in jeopardy of not being selected;
    The committee may give more consideration to those teams that have played all Division I opponents;

    There is a procedure for conferences that do not have an AQ to get a guaranteed at-large selection. This could apply to the Pioneer, SWAC or Great West. The criteria is such that no school has ever met it, and will not happen this year either.

    Based on this year’s schedule, 18 of the 20 will probably be pretty well known by November 6. The last 2 is usually very subjective and go down to the last weekend and then there are a couple of teams that don’t get in that feel screwed.

    With 20 teams there is a 32 team bracket set up (pigtail, quarters, semis, finals).
    The top five teams get seeds and a first round bye.
    The next 7 best teams receive a first-round bye.
    The remaining eight teams play first-round games and will be paired according to geographic proximity. The 4 winners play seeds 1-4 in the quarters based on geographic proximity.
    The No. 5 seed and the seven unseeded teams receiving a first-round bye are paired with teams that are in closest geographic proximity (always a questionable subject, i.e. Lehigh to Iowa);
    Teams from the same conference will not be paired for first-round games or for second round
    games when both teams are playing their first games of the championship;

    What this means for Lehigh
    If we are the Patriot champion, we will surely be in the “12 best” category and get a first round bye and not meet a top 4 seed in quarters. Long shot chance we could get to a 5 seed, but probably not likely.

    How to get a home game
    Teams must submit proposals to be awarded a home game. This is the subject of great mystery and suited for a separate discussion. Seeded teams are home unless they don’t bid. As Patriot champion, we would have a decent chance of a home game, but by no means a lock for one.


    IF, we win PL agree a 1st round bye. TSN has an interesting click on possible brackets. ( Not a maven on putting links) . Also on AGS , Wofford fan just started a poll on winner of possible W-LU matchup. Fun.

    If we stay focused, avoid too many mistakes , as we have done last 2, we can beat most anyone. Lum still forcing ball at times. Not saying we could compete week to week in socon or CAA but for a game we can win. :D

    Key to bye week , not losing our edge. Very tough 2 games on return. Cannot afford to come out cold against either. Gate tough up there . Saving grace a bit is their D is bad but O has shaped up. They will want revenge for last yr at Goodman.


    Let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

    One play at a time …



    Oh boy. Talking playoffs with a game in Hamilton this week make me queesy!


    Agreed. Focus should be on ‘gate and shutting down their O like last year. We were fortunate last year in not facing their #1 QB and got to commit to stopping only Eachus. If Eachus and their QB healty, D will have their hands full. Offense, needs to keep the mojo.


    I didn’t realize Eachus led nation in rushing last year, averaging 170 yards per game on 5.9 yards per carry.

    That said, LU kept him to 124 yards last year and 106 in 2008 (In 2009, he carried only once in the game.))

    They’ve got to stop the shifty Colgate QB, too …

    Good news is Colgate’s defense is ranked sixth in the PL. For what it’s worth, Bucknell — statistically — has the best D; Lehigh is ranked fourth.


    Playoff implications from week 9.

    #1 and #2 ranked teams lost to #5 and #3 respectively. How far do they drop and can we jump over either in the polls? Maybe not this week, but Ga Southern still has to play Wofford on the road.

    G’town looming as a big game this year. Nice to be at home for the next 3 games, maybe the next 4 games?

    OK, now remind me how I am getting ahead of myself. Time to start believing.

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