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    I’m giving some thought to attending the Lehigh/Fordham game on Saturday 10/28. The recent NHL schedule release is a big factor; I’m a Devils fan and I typically try to get to one game in Newark per season, and after looking at the schedule I’ll probably target either their Friday 10/27 or Saturday 10/28 game. When I then looked at the college football schedule, I then saw Lehigh will be playing in the Bronx on 10/28, so a Lehigh/Devils doubleheader (football at 1 PM, hockey at 7 PM) is doable.

    For people who have attended games at Fordham, my questions are:

    1) What are the best rail public transit options? I’d be using Amtrak to come north from DC. It appears there aren’t any subway stations really close to Fordham’s campus, but there are a couple of Metro-North stations. Which of the two stations is better to use?

    2) What kind of seating does Fordham have at their stadium? Is it bleachers without backs, bleachers with backs, or stadium-style seating?

    Any feedback would be appreciated.

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    1) I have not personally done this but as for rail options I think the best bet is the Metro North station (Fordham) over the others (1 mile walk from subway or bus transfer). I’ve looked into rail options up there but have always concluded that driving is better (there is a parking garage very close to the field if you can’t get in the tailgate areas).

    2) Fordham’s Coffey Field is a one-sided 10,000 capacity place that has both chairbacks and bleachers without backs but its seating is similar to Lehigh’s in that the Lehigh section will most likely be all bleachers. The setup isn’t optimal unless you’re at the 50 yard line, so IMO the closer you can get to the chairbacks, the better.

    If you go, Fordham is a decent place to watch a game. They generally have nice tailgates when I have gone there, they have a surprisingly peaceful campus, and once you get past the one-sided stands it’s nice. Additionally, they have a cool video board so you can see replays and the like.

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