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    The Football Locker Room will be named the "Beryl and John Lyons Football Locker Room" thanks to a $1 million donation from John Lyons which was matched by another $1 million gift from a former football player who wishes to remain anonymous.

    The new space will feature over 90 lockers, wide screen televisions and a theater-type viewing area for the team. The room will also feature three sealed lockers to honor Vince Lombardi, Alex Wojciechowicz and Bill Tierney. When finished, the room will be approximately 4,800 square feet, more than four times larger than the current locker room.

    My first thought was – wow, Fordham is spending a lot of money. My next thought was, though, that Fordham did an admirable job putting this together, IMO, with their donors, setting up the fundraising and making this happen.

    Think Lehigh could do something similar with, say, a new scoreboard for Goodman?



    Of course, you could look at it yet another way – having seen Fordham’s old locker set-up, this was badly needed. If they are going to go scholarship, it was an absolute necessity!


    Yes, FU’s facilities are really behind the times and if they’r going to ‘up the ante’ in recruiting via scholarships, they have to upgrade the ambiance.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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