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    Which frosh will impact this season?

    Bianchi ST and DL too good to sit, legit FBS recruit

    Andrews ST and db best athlete with an attitude

    Flynn wr has the skills only Q is,even tho A-S Cal , was a small school , he will have to adapt up to FCS level.

    Hanhauser ST and DB superb athlete very tough

    Barket rb has the rep and is a very tough and good running back. BUT a tweener for size and speed. Not that big and not that fast. Q again is small school competition. Will be a solid back. Another Eachus? Maybe.

    Kablan rb very fast best back in area. HS competition?? JV

    Colvin qb IMHO the best we’ve recruited since Stambaugh. He is a better athlete than Lum , who is a very good one. Colvin was also A-S 3rd team at db.

    It maybe that he may wind up not playing QB because Lum is so good. Colvin could most likely play SS, LB, wr with ability

    OK, enuf. There are more like Haggins and Johnson both switching primary positions that will contribute down the road, as with the linemen



    McCroskey OL

    Not technically a Frosh….but a 1st year player at Lehigh.Q – how fast does he pick up the blocking schemes / playbook … bet is he has the physical skills and size to compete now fo playing time or a position. Look for Cohen to find ways to get his time …..I suspect he’d like to see this wide body in the lineup next year…..or this.

    Would make a nice catalyst for more high quality, FBS level, academically inclined players to look at Lehigh. Better to play and get a quality diploma then the sit and graduate at State U.


    Too true, did anyone happen to see the Forbes ranking for us, something like #350. What did we do to them to piss them off so much? :lol:

    Particularly when every other ranking has us in the top 40. Ah, well more important that kids like McCroskey accept that we are one of the best

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