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    The full 2017-2018 Lehigh men’s basketball schedule has been released. Most of it was previously released (conference schedule) or already reported (see non-conference schedule thread), but the full schedule is now official. Here’s the direct link: http://lehighsports.com/schedule.aspx?path=mbball.



    While Bucky’s upcoming OOC Schedule is certainly impressive, let’s not lose sight of what lies ahead of the Mountain Hawks. Simply, it’s a list of opponents that will test our young team like never before. For those (and I must admit I’m one of you) who can’t help but compare ourselves to the gang from Lewisburg when it comes to round-ball, here’s what I’m talking about:

    This year’s slate of Out-of-Conference opponents’……

    Average KenPom Ranking at the close of last year
    Bucky: 108.7
    Lehigh: 137.9

    Last Season’s W/L Record
    Bucky: 284/156 = .645
    Lehigh: 193/137 = .587

    NCAA Tournament Teams
    Bucky: 5
    Lehigh: 4

    Teams with sub .500 records from last year
    Bucky: 2
    Lehigh: 2

    Here’s a look at what’s facing us this year:

    Play Date
    Record Last Year
    KenPom Ranking to Close-out Last Year

    11/11 Marist (A) 8-24 312
    11/14 Monmouth (H) 27-7 81
    11/17 Siena (H) 17-17 170
    11/19 Eastern University (H) Division III
    11/22 USC (A) 26-10 53
    11/25 Pitt (A) 16-17 79
    11/29 Princeton (A) 23-7 58
    12/2 UVA (A) 23-11 12
    12/6 Yale (H) 18-11 151
    12/9 Mt.St.Mary’s (H) 20-16 209
    12/21 St.Francis (PA) (A) 17-17 254


    Good idea having (relative patsy) games over LU-LAF weekend. Hope I and other alums in town that weekend can catch them, though it would be nice to see wrestling.



    Not bad, not great. I like the Monmouth and Siena early home games and Yale in Dec. Princeton is a good local away game. Of the big 3, UVa is a big loss, USC same thing, and maybe we could nip Pitt who is down. Lot of garbage mixed in along the way.



    I think we get 5 wins in OOC.

    Monmouth or Siena
    Eastern D3

    6 and over, I’m happy.

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