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    Mean Green Announcer Quotes

    “A lot more to this team than CJ. Nice looking club.”
    “Lehigh is precision basketball”
    “They hustle everywhere they go”
    “The scouts are filling their notebooks watching Gabe”

    Reed in postgame interview

    Corey (Schaefer) is fearless……always in the right spot…….Mr. Dependable……..Mr. Reliable

    Eye-popping and sometimes shocking LU Stats

    8 Blocks (2 by CS)
    AD’s 7 rebounds
    CS’s 5 rebounds
    BJ’s 5 steals
    MM’s 25 points (career high)
    GK’s 28 points (4 of 5 from deep)
    Continued hot shooting from beyond the arc (11 of 23) cementing our #2 ranking in the country

    Best play: Too many to count but I’ll go with MM’s 2nd half drive down the lane for two on Tony Mitchell

    Best Sights:

    > Seeing BJ enter the game at the 12 1/2 minute mark in the first half and later seeing him drain a three.
    > Watching CS flawlessly run the point
    > Witnessing GK outplay Tony Mitchell

    Best Sequence:
    34-12 Lehigh run to end the first half. Game over!

    Not so shocking and potentially worrisome LU Stats

    CB – of no help
    JG – of no help

    MM interview comments

    Great team cohesion
    We’re all comfortable scoring the ball ….we’re all comfortable passing the ball



    One small correction, I think it was 5 rebounds, not steals for BJ. Excellent analysis though. MM just needs to cut down on the TOs and he can be a show in himself to watch. HG, I thought, had another complete game. It looks like early foul trouble shut down SC tonight. I don’t even think he got a shot off.
    Just wondering, could you see if CJ was in a boot?



    That’s how to get it done. Nice win LU. Wishing CJ a speedy recovery. How good is TX?



    Listen to UNT Coach Benton’s post game report.

    “Knutson is one of the best post men in the country”



    Let us not forget…….

    > DC joins two walk-ons (Staggers and Goodman) for one minute of play

    > In 15 minutes of play JG and CB score 3 points and haul down 1 board.

    > We were out-rebounded by 12 (48 to 36)

    As mentioned before, CS (season-long A/TO ratio of 4.2) is more than capable of running the show and, in so doing, frees-up MM to spot-up for his 3’s. I would expect to see more of this when we “go small” as the season gets under way.

    With the win last night, KenPom jumps us up to #56 in his rankings – our highest point of the year. We continue to be the nation’s #1 three-point shooting team and #3 in Free Throws. P.S. Bucknell slipped to #42 after escaping with a win over #231 Marist on Wednesday.



    Getting on here late, love all the game comments.  That was a really nice win, without your superstar.  Guys stepped up, and that was really nice to see.  I was surprised how easy the game was without CJ.  MM, Gabe and HG were great, and AD and CS played well.  Things that stand out, and some were mentioned, and outside the obvious, MM 6 turns to 7 assists, while CS was 4 assists to 0 turns.  Those 2 could be on the floor a lot together next season.  BJB 23 minutes, and bolstered rebounding almost immediately with 5.  CB 0 points, 4 fouls.  SC 9 minutes, 0 points.  Surprising, on the last one, as I would have penciled him in for 15 without CJ in the pregame.

    I was left after that game with one thought.  Is Gabe Knutson the best big man to ever put on the Brown and White of Lehigh?  I think at this point, it has become a 2 man conversation with him and Dozie Mbonu.  Gabe probably won’t reach the career numbers of Mbonu in points or rebounds.  But, he might have Mbonu in the intangibles like leadership.  I think if Gabe is not the best big man ever for Lehigh, he clearly features the smoothest post moves, and best all around game of a Lehigh big man.  Adept in the post with the drop step, and ball faking, with a nice mid-range face up game, and range out to the 3 point line.  Mbonu was more of a traditional low post banger and scorer, but Gabe can do a lot for a player of his size.  I love watching his offensive game.


    Gabe really stepped up.  The fact that he has seemed content throughout his career to play in the shadow of CJ I think says a lot about both he and CJ’s character, as well as Docs ability to build a team.

    Love BJB coming up with 5 boards in his first game.  That is something that he can help with immediately.

    CS is great.  Love to watch him play.

    I actually think that last night was an encouraging one for JG.  6 minutes and just one foul, along with an old school 3 point play and an assist and block?  That might be the first time this year his pts, blks, assts, and recbounds have outnumbered his fouls in a particular outing.  Hopefully it is a confidence booster and he continues to improve.

    And how about AD with 8 boards and HG dropping 15/8.  Loved all the contributions last night.

    Best part of all might be that CJ has 8 days off to rest before we have games again.


    UNT may not be that good, but this kind of easy win without CJ is very impressive.

    As for Gabe, he probably has Dozie type numbers if not playing with CJ.  No question he is one of the top big men in LU history.




    Love the comment about CJ holding the team back, lol.  I took a look at some of the photos from the game. LU players, competed, fighting against guys some of whom outsized them. There was one photo of D’Orazio sticking his hand in and pushing the other player. While CB did not score, one photo I saw showed him battling. Not all players will score, but if a player can play defense, that counts. I am impressed with this win without CJ. What a confidence booster for the team and it must make CJ feel good to know he has great players on his team. Keep on rolling yall. Loving it back here on the west coast.


    Hope to get out to see Lafayette play when they come to SU. I know, LAF is a rival, but one has to support the PL when they come to CA.


    Talking about ‘best big men’ to wear the Brown and White..where do you cut the ‘height’ line? While Queenan was about 6’6′”, he played like 6’10” with his leaping ability. In the late ’60’s/’70 Bob Fortune was a real force. (showing my age.)


    Damn, I remember Fortune also. Only saw him as fr and alittle as a soph. An A-S football player ,an excellent player. People complain now about only 200/ at game. Back then if there were 200 in Grace that was a lot.Shame you cant make game. There will be more.

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