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    granted they were contested, but have never seen that many layups missed all year



    Totally agreed, Van. KL in particular looked like he was cursed. I don’t remember seeing any wild or out-of-control drives – just looked like a damn lid on the basket.


    Yes it was bad. I also noticed players kept
    Slipping on the floor. Very odd game. That
    Collision with Timmy was scary. Lehigh actually had two holy cross girls play one of the games at stoppage. There was also 3 visiting fans right behind the basket booing and yelling when we were shooting on that end.



    My takes from this game.
    1.) I’m glad we got this game out of our system. KL will not have 2 nights like that in a row (fingers crossed)
    2.) Although I didn’t hear any announcer say the words but it looked like HC played a match up zone in the 1st half. IMHO, that defense can be the great equalizer. It has always disappointed me that we don’t use it much if at all. It would also help keep our starters a bit fresher since they aren’t chasing people all over the floor.
    3.)Is it my eyes or were we constantly giving up open 3s for contested 2s
    4.) I really liked watching Reed coach on TV. He has gotten more intense without resorting to Mentesanna’s screaming rants.

    Anybody going to the Army game next week?



    I thought the 2-3 zone switch was masterful like everyone else, but I was also impressed about how TK and KR closed out the game as well.

    First, TK. I thought Cross’ strategy was to play football against him underneath, and it worked in the first half, since it seemed like TK was out of sorts. But in the second half, he persevered, got to the foul line, and then when it mattered most his shots started to fall (and Cross’ FT shooting went horrible, and their 3-point shot as well). Some days TK gets 20+ points and Lehigh loses; I’d rather take this 13-15 point type of game, with TK earning every point, in victories.

    Second, I thought it was interesting that KR is now becoming the free throw guy of choice at the end of the game. One underreported item was that Reed used AP as a decoy for the last minute FTs and instead got the ball to Ross, who nailed the clinching FTs. Ross has come a long, long way in the last month.


    The mark of a good team is when you have a shitty night and still find a way to win. As with most team sports, wins and championships begin with defense. Switching to the zone was masterful and changed the whole game.

Viewing 6 posts - 16 through 21 (of 21 total)

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