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    Game Notes

    From Navy –

    From Lehigh – we wait

    KenPomeroy Rankings and Chance of Winning

    LU (14-5, 4-1) 81st
    Navy (7-14, 1-4) 311th
    LU wins 70-57 (89% chance)

    PL 5 Game Stats
    Scoring Margin
    LU (2nd) +7
    Navy (7th) -12

    Rebounding Margin
    LU (6th) -2
    Navy (8th) – 6

    Turnover Margin
    LU (1st) +4.2
    Navy (4th) -0.8

    LU (6th) .406
    Navy (8th) .358

    LU (1st) .430
    Navy (6th) .311
    FG% Defense
    LU (6th) .406
    Navy (8th) .358

    3FG% Defense
    LU (1st) .255
    Navy (4th) .337

    Navy is coming off a week that saw them lose twice – first to AU and then to CU. The headlines below say it all.

    January 26, 2013 – Mids Fall Behind Early, Can’t Rally in 70-56 Setback

    January 23, 2013 – American Shoots Its Way Past Midshipmen, 72-49

    As bad as that was, this week could be even worse, as the young Midshipmen travel up to Lewisburg to face Bucknell on Saturday once we leave town.

    Unlike nearly every other team in America, Navy’s lineup is void of seniors. They are, of course, without the services of star graduates: JJ Avila and Jordan Sugars who combined last year for 27.3 pts. and 11.9 rebounds per game. I expect to see 3 sophomores and 2 freshmen in the starting lineup tomorrow with 6’6″ soph forward, Worth Smith headlining the crew. The Mooresville, NC native is at the top of his game averaging 12.0ppg and 7.3rpg while hitting at a .555 clip over the past three games.

    You’d think there is no way we could lose this one after embarrassing ourselves on Sunday. Navy is after all 36 rungs up from the bottom of 347 D-I teams and will be the third weakest team we will have faced all year. Worse yet were FDU and St. Francis (PA) – games we won by 40 and 16, respectively. But, this is the Patriot League where stranger things have happened, or so they say. Actually, I do recall a few service academy games in the past where we couldn’t get it done against the prideful men in uniform – guys trained to never say die. Remember Army knocking us out of the PL Championships in the quarterfinal games back in ’08 and ’09? Or, winning – but in overtime – up at Army last year? Or, losing twice to Navy the year we won it all in 2010? Oh yeah, Navy beat Bryant this year by 10. Nothing but nothing is a lock. Here’s hoping this message has been delivered and received.

    For those who think this is still a two-team race (and it probably is), you might want to subscribe to PL All-access to catch live action of all the Bison games. It’s relatively easy to switch back and forth between games as the action dictates. BU tips off AU one-half hour later than us on Wednesday. Later in the week, Navy travels to BU on Saturday while our game up at Army is on Sunday.



    This should be a game where Gabe has his way down low.  Navy has zero big men who can play.


    Need a real “disinfectant game” to get rid of the smell from that rotten egg the Mountain Hawks laid on Sunday.



    LU’s Game Notes:

    Instead of starting a new thread and calling it “Bracketology,” I thought I just add these comments – first noted on the Bucknell Board – to a thread already open. While I’m not a big believer in such reports with six weeks to play, I found it interesting that ESPN’s Joe Lunardi has Lehigh going to the Big Dance as a 13 Seed. Our opponent will be Cincinnati out in San Jose. Hey, it’s a fun read.

    By the way, Jerry Palm of CBS disagrees and gives the nod to Bucknell who, like us, would earn a 13 seed and face off against Louisville.

    At approximately 9:30pm on the night of March 13th we’ll know if either man got it right.



    If they land in San Jose, I am there along with other Mitty Alums. Either team lands in the area, we will be there since BU (Andoh) and LU (Adams) both attended Mitty.



    I’d be shocked if LU didn’t rebound in a big way, they usually do. Still upset the team decided not to show up on Sunday, especially with a pretty veteran team and coaching staff, at some point these “let down” “trap games” should be obsolete…but in the end, only thing that matters is winning 3 games in march, in reality…



    We stink… So, I am sure that a 20-point plus win will be coming tonight for you guys.

    We are an incredibly young team. We have no seniors, three juniors that play very sparingly and aren’t really that good, three sophomores that play and five freshmen that see regular minutes. We haven’t gotten any better this year and that is the frustrating part. We have ZERO big men right now, so we just get hammered inside every game.

    However, there is hope for the future. Point guard Tilman Dunbar is very good, Worth Smith is a good player, Brandon Venturini, Kendall Knorr, Phil Guglielmo can all shoot it pretty well.

    We are in a major rebuilding mode and I would not be surprised ONE BIT to see us next year have no seniors again, just two juniors and the rest freshmen and sophomores.




    After three seasons of watching these PL games I’ve noticed one thing about the military teams: they don’t quit.  No matter what the score there is a degree of toughness and refusal to quit which is beyond the ordinary.  It is the way the game is meant to be played and, much as I enjoy the CJM and MM highlight reel – I would really like for our team to play consistently tough, physical and all out – instead of the roller-coaster ride of wondering which team is going to show up; the one that beat Bucknell or the one that looses at home to teams like Lafayette and Bryant..



    00, I hear you when you say the only thing that really matters is winning three in March, but I still believe getting there is half the fun. With 5 down and 9 to go, there’s plenty of time for a team to make a move and position itself well for the playoffs and perhaps gain a NIT bid as a consolation prize should they fall to get W’s on March 6, 9, and 13. The game I’m focused on tonight would be Colgate (2-3) @ Lafayette (3-2). After the beating we took on Sunday and knowing (a) the importance of “head-to-head” results in determining playoff positions and (b) that we must go to Kirby for our rematch, wouldn’t it be nice if our friends from up north could knock the Leopards down a peg tonight a walk out with a win tonight at Kirby. And, it’s not that far-fetched when reading what the Patriot League website had to say about the Raiders. I quote: “The Raiders have won consecutive Patriot League games for the first time since 2010 after beating Army 93-90 in overtime on Wednesday and topping Navy 70-56 on Saturday…Murphy Burnatowksi was at the center of the action, averaging 32.0 points and 5.0 rebounds in the two games to earn the Patriot League Anaconda Player of the Week award. He was 61 percent (25-of-41) from the field in the two games last week. Colgate shot above 50 percent in each of its games last week.”

    You Tube Preview of tonight’s Colgate vs. Lafayette game



    Nice bounceback game, that went they way it was expected to go.  10 point lead at the half, extend it to 20 early in the second, then cruise home with a 20 point win.  Nice win.  I worry about the weekend game at Army.  Army leading HC late on the road tonight.  Bucknell in a tight one at the half at American.



    Lovin’ PL All-access.

    BU 41
    AU 41

    with 10+ minutes to go.



    Dead Eye (SC) leads the way with 5 made 3s and 18 points.  Looks like nice games from HG and BB.  GK, again, a no show.  Only 6 against a brutal Navy frontline.  We have to get him going.




    BU 46
    AU 52

    6+ min to go



    1:20 left………AU up by 4 with the ball



    BU wins by 1.

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