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    I gave it the ole LU try just now boys, drove 30 minutes and got about 12 minutes from my house, did the risk/reward in my head and turned around for home. Truly surprised this didn’t get pushed back to tomorrow, would have made me happy at the very least! Let’s go LU.



    Well sucks I didn’t make it, but with my luck the last few years they would have lost if I did make it!

    Nice win, any win at that place is a good one, big effort by starting 5 who put up all of LU points..we got zilch from bench tonight.

    We owned 1st half, they got momentum back with buzzer 3 at end of 1st half, and that carried into second half as they stormed back and took lead

    But when it was winning time our vets made big plays, Holden had back to back big buckets, BJ hit a 3 to tie it up at one point. Anthony ahd a bucket and nice charge. Gabe looked better again tonight.

    Mackey was big tonight, especially down the stretch hitting FTs and making plays on both ends of floor.

    Would have loved to hit Gabe more down low in second half, seems we were jump shot settling a bit tonight, but a win is a win man, huge game to keep pace with BU.

    7-1 boys, feels good, loving the effort tonight! Feels good!


    Cant play too many games w/o bench. My only quibble with win.



    Bench has been pretty good this year on a whole, one of those nights.



    Great job LU! FInally broke that record. Looks like the starters stepped up. Mackey M is leading his team.



    Starting 5 – They played 84% of the minutes, made 100% of the points, and all but one hit for double figures. As for the subs, Stefan misses two 3-point attempts and takes a seat…..Conroy pulls down 2 boards and takes a seat…..Justin commits 4 fouls and takes a seat….while Corey does what he’s paid to do on nights when Mackey is in charge. That is, dish the ball 3 times to the hot hand, pull down 2 boards and commit a steal.

    GK – Misses both attempts from beyond the arc. Now 9 for 30 for the season. Nine other teammates have attempted a three this year. Gabe owns the worse 3FG% on the team @ .300. Alternatively, he’s tops on the team with a .508 FG%. He has my vote to stay in the low blocks.

    Team hit 22 of 27 from the FT line with MM going 11 for 12. Most of those in the last two minutes. Brought back memories of CJ, Jose (Olivero), and Marquis (Hall) when the games were on the line. Mackey now 19 for 22 from the line over the past two games while going 14 of 17 from the field.

    BJ now settling into a nice groove, scoring 10 points and pulling down 4 boards in each of his last three games on a combined 10 of 16 shooting. Mr. Reliable.

    Death, taxes and HG = three things you can count on. Put ’em down for 12 pts./7 rebounds (last three-game average) and worry about something or someone else.

    Put me in, Coach – After going 35 minutes against Army, AD was rewarded with another 30 minute game last night. It seemed to pay off. While he had been averaging just 5.4 ppg and 3.1 rpg over the first 20 starts, he dropped in 24 points and pulled down 16 boards over his last two. And, never broke a sweat.

    After a quick start with early 3’s from MM, HG, and BJ, we went cold and ended up with just 6 of 22 from deep (27.3%) for the game. Not to worry, we held HC to 3 of 18 (16.7%) from beyond the arc and maintained our national dominance in that regard (presently ranked 4th best in the nation at 27.3% in defending the three).

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