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    Game Notes
    We await each school’s report.

    KenPomeroy Rankings and Chance of WinningLU (17-5, 7-1) 73rd
    AU (9-14, 4-4) 246th
    LU wins 74-57 (93% chance)

    Other PL Games
    HC over Navy 61-51 (85% chance) – Tuesday
    BU over Colgate 75-54 (96% chance) – Wednesday
    LC over Army 74-69 (68% chance) -Wednesday

    Everything, including their 4-4 PL record, would have you believe that AU was simply mediocre. How good can they be? Three of their four wins have come against Colgate and Navy. Don’t be fooled. The Eagles walk into Stabler on Wednesday night riding a 2-game winning streak – a run that could be at five had they not blown a halftime lead up at Army on January 26th and had Muscala not put back a missed shot with 0.8 seconds remaining to win the game on January 30th. Instead, I choose to see it as a 6-2 AU squad fighting BU and LU for 1st place honors.

    Back to reality. The Eagles have won two in a row – those coming against Lafayette and Colgate – and are doing it on both ends of the court. AU out-rebounded both clubs and knocked down a high percentage of their shots in each game (52.3% vs. LC and 46.7% vs. CU). Checkout the video highlights of their win over Lafayette – a team that got the best of us on January 27th.

    Like Lehigh, AU leans on their experienced (3 seniors, 1 junior, and 1 sophomore) starting five for production. They boast three double-digit scorers in Lumpkins, Munoz and Schoof (last week’s POW), with the other two (Jolivette and Wroblicky) close behind. A check of the PL Stat Sheet will show Lumpkins to be the league’s #2 scorer (16.6ppg), and #2 rebounder (10.1 rpg). Worblicky tops the league in FG% shooting at .674 and holds down the #3 spot in rebounding. Munoz, on the other hand, is the league’s top free throw shooter (.848) and Schoof the #1 man in 3pt field goals made / game @2.9. The starter whose name I omitted was Jolivette. He simply chips in with 7.7ppg and 2.6rpg. If that wasn’t enough, last week’s ROW, Jesse Reed, will undoubtedly make his presence known to us, as well. The freshman, scored 10 points and pulled down five rebounds to help American to a 70-55 win over Colgate on Saturday. He made 3-of-5 shots and 2-of-4 from beyond the arc in the game to join four other Eagles in double figures.

    One month ago, we “got by” AU down at Bender Arena, winning each half by three points in a closely contested game. We can thank Holden, Mackey, and the Bench for dropping in 22, 11, and 17 – in that order. But, how often can we count on getting 17 from our bench? And, how often can we win despite losing the rebounding battle? When will both shortcomings catch up with us? In that first AU encounter, we were out-rebounded 26 to 40 with Lumpkins, alone, out-dueling Gabe and Holden 17 to 6. To no one’s surpirse, AU leads the PL with a +6.9 Rebounding Margin. Lehigh comes in 7th @ -2.2.

    Tomorrow night’s game is by no means a gimme – were this a 2 foot putt on the final hole to win the match. But, I do see us winning, but by far less than Pomeroy might suggest. I’m trusting we’ll have an answer for Lumpkins this time around and that the home court affect will come into play as it has so often does when going up against American (3W-1L over the last three years). That, and the fact that a couple of our biggest strengths are American’s most glaring weaknesses. First, the 3-point shot. We own the 3rd best shooting percentage in America while AU is ranked 336th in its ability to defend the three. Secondly, you have to like the disparity in Turnover Rates. Lehigh seldom turns the ball over (19th best in America at safeguarding it) while American seldom forces their opponent into a turnover. Only 11 teams across the country are worse than AU in that regard. So, a win! Right? We’ll see.







    2012 – where did you hear concussion? Reed denied that on postgame, so I’m wondering bud. Reed said not in trouble and not physical issue, just needed a day….sounds fishy for sure, but that was his quote…


    I hope your wrong cause I would hate to have to see BJ go through that again, poor kid, such bad luck.

    Anyway, huge win tonight, built big lead on big 3 point shootinga nd then AU crawled back and then tied it at 43..winning time with 7 minutes left and LU went on 17-4 run to close it…MM was dishing, AD was hitting, GK was hot….CS with active hands on d…huge win, 8-1, Reed ties Packer for career wins record….all this with CJ, BJ, DC, and JC in suits…amazing man…what heart this team has.


    AD was huge, hit some triples, hit his FTs that he has struggled with this year, had steals/blocks, scrapped and hustled…impressed tonight.





    00 – Got it from a student who knows him, but perhaps they were speculating based on history? Edited my post as not to spread unconfirmed rumors.


    Obviously thought my source was good enough, but due to the sensitivity of the situation, I’d rather go with Dr Reed’s explanation. Seems odd he’d need a day in the middle of conference play, but I also don’t really see reason to cover up an injury.


    Nice perseverance tonight, nothing comes too easy without CJ. I know this team is criticized over their rebounding and the stats reflect their deficiencies,  but when you watch this team play their team rebounding is extremely impressive. Whether it is AD tipping the ball to a bigger body underneath or HG with a solid box out, they seem to hustle enough to not have the lack of size cost them games. I’ll be in town Monday and cannot wait.


    Both LoRe and Housenik have it as personal issues, definitely not a physical injury, for what that is worth.



    Had to leave mid-way through the second half so didn’t get to see the big finish and the AD dunk and 3pt heroics.  Good for him.  The boy plays like he has flubber on the bottom of his shoes (wonder if he’s a chemistry major?).

    Jeff Jones lost some weight since last year; I was getting worried about that boy ..

    Great move by Coach Reed to put JG in the starting lineup.  He had some offensive misques – including a missed dunk – but defense was great.  He was a real presence in the interior defense; something I haven’t seen here since Zahir.

    50% from the 3pt line?  Looks like we are going to live and/or die from the 3pt line – until (if) CJ comes back..

    We really missed BJ’s unselfish and efficient play.  He really distributes the ball well and slices up the zone at key moments.    Students are in the middle of 4 o’clock exams so maybe he had a ‘situation’.

    8-1 in league play – rock on!



    Is it true we only played 7?  No minutes for CB?




    Great job LU. Keep it going. I am leaving work early to watch the game on Monday. Should be a great one.



    Thank god on BJ, glad personal issue over health issue, here is hoping he comes back soon! Love that kid.

    FYI no one can argue anymore about staff needing to fully use schollies…we dressed 9 last night…


    Goldy, I tell you what, he had some nice moves just didn’t finish…he knows what to do now down on the block just has to finish which will come..he is so quick into his move the defenders don’t have time to react, if we ever got him into a big man camp this summer he’d come back and probably be a double digit guy next year right away as a soph…the upside is so there, he is just still raw, but so excited for his future.

    Yes, CB didn’t play for what that is worth, but not really surprise based on his minutes lately…he is definitely last schollie man on the bench these days.



    Gabe picked a fine time to make a three – actually 4 of them out of 5 attempts. The dry-spell lasted 55 days. Like it was last night, he hit 4 of 5 down at UNT. With GK and JG working the hi-low post to perfection early on, the opportunities were there and Gabe hit the first 4 he took. Don’t get your hopes up, he’s still the worst – and 10th best – 3-point shooter on our team @ .371. Three others (CB, JG and TS) haven’t taken a deep shoot.

    While everyone missed BJ, especially his unselfish play, the team did what it does best – play unselfishly. It seems they know no other way. What else can you say about 15 assists on 20 made baskets.

    Another day on the job. What else can you say about “lunch pail” Holden. Quietly and without fanfare he goes about his business. Once did he show emotion. That came after his made three on his only 3-point attempt. Otherwise, it was a typical 9 points and 5 rebound night with 3 blocks and a steal thrown in.

    Doing what we do best was enough to win again last night. Despite being out-rebounded – this time by 11 and losing the points in the paint battle – we forced 13 turnovers (scoring 14), had five players hit 10 of 19 from beyond the arc and defended the mid-range and, in particular, the three-point shot (22.7%) very, very well. Their best at that and formerly the PL leader in 3FG%, John Schoof, was held to just one made three on 6 attempts. We held a team that had been averaging 65 ppg to just 47 last night. That’s who we are…that’s what we do.

    Still want to see a published report of “Vertical Leaps.” Anthony D’Orazio has to top the charts. Block in the corner and steal leading to breakaway basket where things of beauty. Improved FT shooting was result, he says, of “more attempts” and getting into the flow of the game. Can’t argue with that. We played what I believe was a season-high, for him, 30 minutes last night and went 4 for 5 from The Line. Slick assist work, as well. Looked, as everyone did, well conditioned. Played a hard 30 minutes.

    Entered the game ranked 76th by Pomeroy. Exit play ranked 75th. BU, who had trouble putting away Colgate at home, dropped from 60th to 65th.

    Slim attendance (reports of 1119) but 100 or so could be found in the student section. Front rows vocal. Not bad considering 4 o’clock exams are in progress. BU game will be on everyone’s calendar – exams or not. Speaking of student support, give a read to the Bucknell Board. What’s up with that?! Talk of “pathetic,” or “the school and coaching staff need to do some lobbying.” Interesting read, as always.

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