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    Tip-off has been rescheduled and the game will now begin at 6:00pm with doors to Stabler Arena opening at 5:00pm.

    Game Notes



    KenPom Predictions
    HC (0-2) Ranked 312th
    LU (1-1) Ranked 220th
    LU by 9

    Around the PL

    Bucky (1-1) @ AWP (1-1)
    Bucky by 1

    BU (2-0) @ LUM (1-1)
    LUM by 1

    LC (1-1) @ CU (2-0)
    CU by 10

    AU (0-2) @ N (1-1)
    Navy by 10

    KP’s pick of Army over Loyola by 11 on Tuesday was dead-on, as the Cadets put down the Greyhounds by the score of 86-75. In the other games, he had Navy, LC, and CU all winning, albeit by smaller margins. He missed the Bucknell/BU game, as many of us no doubt did with Bucky dropping one out in Lewisburg.

    Idle Thoughts

    For those who are counting, the home teams are up 6 and down 4 after 10 games. LU and CU have yet to play before a home crowd, while Bucky and LC have yet to hit the road. That will no longer be the case once Friday’s games are in the books.

    Too early to pull for a team other than your own? Well, maybe not if you’re like me and hoping no one gets off to a 3-0 start. I’ll be watching to see if home-standing Loyola can upset the visiting Terriers of BU and pulling for none other than the Leopards of LC to surprise the Raider of Colgate up in Hamilton. If it can’t be us, I don’t want to see a 3-0 mark on the board.

    PL Stats of Interest…………hottest from behind the arc and from 15’ away

    AWP .437 (.462 in PL)
    CU .393 (.422 in PL)
    BU .381 (.447 in PL)

    LC .762 (.808 in PL)
    LU .754 (.857 in PL)
    N .725 (.725 in PL)

    The last time we faced Holy Cross (2/12/17)
    …..a disgrace aired on national television
    … worst memory of the year

    HC 61
    LU 45

    What some of us had to say at the time………

    Still no clue how to attack zone.

    More turnovers then made baskets lol

    Total embarrassment

    Time to redeem ourselves!


    Well Pards beat’em so we should also. Love those transitives.


    Question is this season. Can we stop the press from holy cross or their zone. Haven’t had a clue the last few times we played them


    Porter out for semester. Academically ineligible.


    Karnik 19 min. Played most of game with 4 Gs.
    Our O beat their O. Neither team plays much D. No Sedore or Lieb. Rest of season gonna be interesting with just Andree and Karnik up front.


    Just went by Cross board. After a few pages of complaints about their D, thread was concluded by blaming the PL for having a bad twam with a losing record. The illogic is truly hysterical.



    65, dreams do come true …

    No undefeated teams in league play after tonight.


    [quote quote=33439]Just went by Cross board. After a few pages of complaints about their D, thread was concluded by blaming the PL for having a bad twam with a losing record. The illogic is truly hysterical.[/quote]

    Yes, their illogic continues to hit new highs. I have asked multiple times why Bucknell, Lehigh, and even Boston U are able to do well within the PL but never received a response. Apparently the league only drags down HC.

    Another interesting item is the criticism of the PL’s relatively low ranking. What they say about the ranking is sometimes true – but they never point out that a main factor in that ranking is HC’s poor performance over the past nine years. Average ranking of about #240 over that time span. Had they averaged 140, the PL ranking would have gone up significantly.

    Having said that, there are many reasonable posters on their board who understand their problems have little or nothing to do with the PL.



    90, you’re right. How sweet it is………no one team jumping out to a 3 and 0 mark. Instead a 7-way tie at the top with 2-1 records. This could get interesting.

    As for last night, the one thing that struck me besides our lack-luster effort and inability to adjust to the HC Zone over the first 7+ minutes of play, was the play of JK. He couldn’t do anything right. Frustrated and bewildered, he was last seen literally scratching his head on the bench. His line score: 19 Minutes, 0 points (0-3), 3 Rebounds (none on offense), and 4 Turnovers. He all too often looked lost and seldom could find space to operate under the basket. Hopefully, he’ll bounce back the same way he did in his only other “o-fer” of the year. That came against Siena when we couldn’t buy a basket in 16 minutes. He did bounce back over his next three (Eastern, USC and Pitt), however, with a combined 36 points and 25 boards.

    With Porter (A.I.) sitting out the season, it won’t be easy going forward. I guess we’ll a fair amount of 4-G offensive sets and maybe an even heavier reliance on the 3pt. shot. As for the “3,” there’s hope. Lehigh does lead the PL (admittedly only after 3 games) in scoring accuracy from long range @ 43.8%.

    On to Beantown to take on the Terriers of BU on Monday. But first, 4 Wildcard Weekend games. Tough life we sports fans lead.


    seemed to me like they passed up some open 3’s in the second half and ended up with a turnover or a poorer shot selection which allowed Cross to get back in it, suspect Coach told them to stop being in love with the 3 in the second half

    the HC center looks like a real talent, they could benefit from going in to him more

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