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    Game Notes
    Expect any minute now

    Pomeroy Rankings and Chance of Winning

    LU (21-8, 10-4) 93
    LC (18-14, 10-4) 166
    LU Wins 72-70 (57% chance)

    BU (26-5, 12-2) 58
    Army (16-14, 8-6) 158
    BU Wins 73-60 (87% chance)

    Sagarin Rankings and Resulting Lines

    LU 103
    LC 178
    Lehigh by 8

    BU 77
    Army 176
    BU by 11

    Over the last six games……..

    LU (3-3)
    FG%s: 2’s .571 3’s .287 Overall .477
    Allowing opponents an average of 64 ppg

    LC (6-0)
    FG%s: 2’s .502 3’s .412 Overall .473
    Allowing opponents an average of 67 ppg

    Lafayette Highlights

    Tony Johnson (First Team), Seth Hinrichs (Second Team) and Bryce Scott (All-Rookie) highlighted Lafayette’s All-Patriot League performers. Johnson and Scott were both unanimous selections.

    Joey Ptasinksi was selected to the Academic All-Patriot League Team. Ptasinski has a 3.51 GPA in Biology.

    Leopards improved to 18-14 overall and 10-4 in Patriot League play with a 77-54 rout of Holy Cross in the Patriot League quarterfinal Hinrichs scored 20 and Johnson added 19 as Lafayette shot 51.9 percent and drained a Patriot League Tournament record 14 threes.

    The Leopards advanced to the semifinals of the Patriot League Tournament for the forth consecutive year and remained unbeaten at Kirby Sports Center (7-0) in conference postseason play.

    Lafayette has won six consecutive games for the first time since 2010.

    The Leopards improved to 13-3 at Kirby Sports Center after starting the year 1-2 at home.

    Lafayette is 10-0 this season when holding its opponents to less than 65 points. In addition, the Leopards are 13-3 when scoring 69 points or more.

    Hinrichs (14.6 ppg) leads the team in scoring and has eight 20-point games this season.

    Johnson leads the conference in shooting (56.0 percent), is first in assist-to turnover ratio (2.1) and leads the League in steals (2.0 spg).

    Johnson had one steal against American to increase his career total to 158. He is three shy of tying Justin DeBerry ’04, who occupies third all-time.

    Johnson’s 63 steals this season leads the Patriot League and places him at 29th in the nation.

    Levi Giese blocked three shots against Holy Cross to move within one rejection of third on the all-time list (107).



    Is anyone else going to the game tomorrow?



    I’ll be there. As will LUL 2007 and friends. Meet behind the bench 30 minutes before tip. We should all be in Section 1.




    Feelin’ a new optimism today.  ‘Pards beat us 3 times in a year?  That’s tough to do.  We’re getting some bench points now.  Obviously, have to shoot reasonably well, and have to move the ball on offense.  But we know that we can play lock-down D, which we need to do.  I’ve got a good feeling.

    Wish I could be at the game.  NC is just too damn far at the moment.  Hope to meet you guys at a game someday.



    I am so fired up for this game, we just got to win and beat these guys, can’t let the season end at the hands of the leopards. What are the keys to the game? Sure there are a ton, but here are just a couple.

    1.) Stop Johnson – guy is unconscious in 6 game winning streak, 44 for 65 overall from the field and 10 for 18 from 3 point land. Tony smoked us last time we played them, 10-12 from the field, 5-5 from 3, and 4-4 from the line. We kept going under ball screens and Tony kept hitting triples. We got to find a way to slow this guy down, mix different guys on him and do whatever it takes to try to get this guy off his game.  Hopefully Mackey uses 2nd team all PL as motivation and has a huge game, Mackey has to cancel out Tony, absolutely has to. Over last 7 game MM is 25 for 64 and averaging a shade over 9 points per game. Need a big game from MM, he has to be an animal.

    2.) Need to try to force the ball down low to Gabe and Holden in the paint. Work Gabe off the post nd try to free Holden up to operate down low vs smaller defender or take some guys off dribble on the perimeter. I recall us dominating the paint in the second matchup for much of the game, and I’d like to see that continue tomorrow. Both Gabe and Holden had big games a few weeks ago in Easton, and they need to continue their ways again tomorrow.

    3.) 3 point game – we got to hit the 3 tomorrow, it has been a strength all year, and when we got open looks we got to knock them down. We were 4 for 15 in Easton and 8 for 22 in Bethlehem in that ugly game in January.  Laf has shot 21 of 56 from 3 in our two games. Got to try to slow down the 3 point game by Lafayette, they are 56 for 123 or 45.5% over 6 game win streak. Got to get out on shooters. If Laf slumps from 3 and just has an off night shooting I think we win this game. If we can equal them in 3 point production tomorrow, we should be in good shape.

    Let’s get a big win on the road and make this a one game season again on Wednesday for the chance at 3 rings for the seniors!



    Good points, 00. Allow me to expand upon your #1……..

    They say, “Defense wins game.” More to the point, when going up against Lafayette, “3-point Defense wins games.” We’re about to see if we have it in us to win this game with a 3-pt. D. that limits not just Tony Johnson (Coach Reed’s highlighted player…with good reason after going 5 for 5 against us 13 days ago), but Hindrichs, Giest, Ptasinski, Scott, and others as well. It’s both a tall order and the key to playing next Wednesday. Since last we met (LC 79 – LU 71 on 2/24), the Leopards put down CU, AU, and HC by 13, 8 and 23 pts., respectively. They hit 32 of 60 attempts from “3” (.533) but surprise, surprise, it wasn’t all Tony Johnson. In fact, little of it was. While he did go 5 of 5 from deep against us, he connected just four times from long range in his last three games – that’s 4 of 8 in 96 minutes of playing time. His partners in crime did the rest going 28 for 52 (.538). Therein lies the problem. As much as we speak of TJ and his court wizardry, it’s a family thing. How we limit not only him, but his friends from long range, will determine the outcome of today’s game. I ‘m convinced we will score and score a lot based on strong good ball movement and the resulting open looks. Gabe, Holden, and BJ are peeking at just the right time. Mackey, I’m sure, is chomping at the bit to remind everyone there’s another point guard out there today. And, with spot point production from Stefan….or Cory…….or Anthony……or all three…….we’ll be in what should be a single possession game around 3:50pm. Simply, it’ll be a matter of “Stops” – not Scores this afternoon.

    The only sure thing you can say going into today’s games – both toss-ups in Easton and in Lewisburg – is that “Army will not host the Championship Game on Wednesday.”



    Terrible D all day long.  We must have got caught staring at the ball 30 times and beat with simple backdoor cuts.  And guarding on perimeter, just flat out bad.  Gave up open 3s all day.  I thought BB on Johnson to start was good call, but BJ brutal on D all day.  AD played possibly the worst first half I have ever seen.  Thank God he was parked on bench for most of second.  Disappointing season that really ended at VCU.





    Just wondering if you were at the game or did you have a TV perspective. I thought that Lehigh left it all out there today. What may have looked like terrible perimeter D on TV, IMHO was simply incredible ball movement by Lafayette for the 1st 36 minutes of the game. O’Hanlon’s only coaching flaw I thought was taking the air out of the ball with 4 minutes left which almost allowed Lehigh back in the game. For the 3rd time this season, Lafayette had an excellent game plan for Lehigh and executed it to perfection. Make no mistake about it, that was a very good basketball team we played today and IMHO, O’Hanlon is the best coach in the Patriot League. They made us work hard and the short bench caught up with us.

    Congratulations to the Lehigh team on a fine season and good luck to the seniors in whatever endeavor they elect to pursue.

    Now will someone please stop sticking pins in the Lehigh voodoo doll. Spadola gets mono, CJ breaks his foot, Poillon gets a concussion and Hamlin and Welsh get injured in the EIWA tournament.



    Agree, enuf injuries. D was not terrible, just outplayed. AD tried but too slow.MM played TJ even, in fact all stays,cept FTs, pretty even. Pards played with confidence,we played with fight. Confidence won.



    Tough game, tough day, tough end to the season and careers for CJ, Gabe, and Holden. To lose 3 straight to these guys to end your senior year is going to be a hard one to get out of their system. It was a pleasure watching these guys grow as people and players, and I know as a fan I feel truly blessed and lucky to have watched these guys for the last 4 years. It was an honor and I wish them all the best in their futures.

    With regards to the game, first, I agree with 90 and was mentioning that during the game, how many times do we get beat back door, seriously. I mean it happened in first two matchups between these two teams, and it is like we didn’t watch film which I know wasn’t the case. Second, I didn’t like our game plan from the onset, gabe had one touch in post in like first 10-12 minutes of the game, we needed to beat them up down low and we didn’t make him a priority on O to start the game…now I know he missed his FTs which killed us, but I would have pounded pounded pounded post with Gabe and Holden.

    If you told me Laf goes 6 for 22 from deep and still wins I would have called BS and bet the ranch on a LU win….but we went into the season talking about rebounding rebounding rebounding and we end the season tonight talking about rebounding rebounding rebounding. We gave up 11 O board according to ESPN box score but I thought I heard announcer mention 15 at one point late in game…either way it was way to many 2nd and 3rd chances. Hard to play D for a full 35 and then force a bad shot only to have opponents get O board.

    Going to be a long offseason but here is hoping we come back stronger than ever next year!



    There are a lot of reasons for the poor rebounding.
    1.)We were not a good rebounding team heading into the season.
    2.)We lost our leading rebounder from last season at the VCU game
    3.)Note that Gabe only played 22 minutes today and JG only came in for 4. With HG sitting out a couple of minutes, that meant we played with 4 guards for half the game.
    The downside to playing man defense, especially when the floor is spread out is the susceptibility to the back door or give and go. Many of them were not that badly defended. Give Lafayette credit, they had lead passes to a spot. You just can’t defend that when the floor is spread open as it was. Sorry, you can beat on our guys all you want but I’m giving credit where credit is due.


    Voodoo comment very apropos.  Lehigh athletics really bitten in the ass they year by serious injuries/illnesses. Don’t forget Eric Hess of the wrestling team who started off great only to be sidelined by the side-effects of his cancer tx. Hamlin and Welsh injuries were devastating to wrestling team’s tournament hopes, and of course, CJ’s foot tops ’em all.  Payback from the great run last year?


    Voodoo comment very apropos.  Lehigh athletics really bitten in the ass they year by serious injuries/illnesses. Don’t forget Eric Hess of the wrestling team who started off great only to be sidelined by the side-effects of his cancer tx. Hamlin and Welsh injuries were devastating to wrestling team’s tournament hopes, and of course, CJ’s foot tops ’em all.  Payback from the great run last year?








    Quote:  “Tough game, tough day, tough end to the season and careers for CJ, Gabe, and Holden.”


    Has LU  already decided to not play in the CIT?    I’m sure LU could get into it if they wanted – but I’m not sure they’d want to.   In any event, it might cost LU a lot of money to participate.    AU lost a huge amount of $ by  going into it last year.


    In any event, best of luck to the seniors.   They gave you a lot of good moments.

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