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    Loyola (MD) –Game 4
    2pm, Saturday
    Stabler Arena

    LU’s Game Notes's%20Basketball/2014-15/15%20-%20Loyola%20Notes%201.10.15.pdfs

    KenPom Ranking and Prediction

    Loyola (MD) (5-9, 1-2) ranked 328
    Lehigh (7-7, 1-2) ranked 202

    Lehigh wins 68-57 (89% chance)

    Before we celebrate our return to .500 basketball in the PL, let’s remember that (1) Loyola has 5 wins and did hold American to 38.6% shooting (just 3 of 15 from long-distance) in posting last “W” – an impressive OT win on Wednesday night, (2) our less than stellar home-court advantage, and (3) our uncanny knack for letting our guard down after impressive wins. With that said, I can’t help but think we’ll walk away winners tomorrow if (1) we hold their only double-digit scorer, 6’2” Shooting Guard, Tyler Hubbard in check and show just ½ the spirit, determination, and in-your-face defense we did on Wednesday night up at Christl Areana. For once, I do think Mr. Pomeroy has this one right: LU by double-digits.



    We’re supposed to win this one easily. I’m scared.
    Anyone else going to be there?


    Our only consistent is inconsistency. Another LU came up shory in their heroic comeback. What crap. Doc has to convince these guys to show up for each game not just every other game.
    WBB no help today. They caught TO flu from the men.



    What’s with this team’s inability to win at home? They’re 1-4 against Division One opponents at home. The same players have gone on the road and beaten DePaul, ASU and Army. Someone explain this to me please


    Well,seems we need back to back home games to insure a win.



    Hard to figure this one out. Looking at the box, once again, an opponent shot a crazy 3 point %; Hubbard’s first half was ridiculous. Free throws obviously hurt. I suppose we need to shoot a better percentage too, especially from 3.
    Did seem like intensity on D was good again.

    Edit: almost forgot. several really crappy calls against TK hurt a LOT too.

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    Per box ,difference here was 3pt scoring. Third game in a row. Dont need to hear again that other guy was hot from 3. Just not believable.



    Can we get the adds off the right side or fix the system so they do not block the text on an iPad



    Was anyone else at the game?

    Well, there are a lot of reasons we lost today but first and foremost is that Doc waited until the 7:50 point of the 1st half to go absolutely ballistic on his team. His screaming could be heard across the court, over the music and public address. The problem is we were already down by 15. The team played far more spirited after that point. The bench was finally into it. Players ran on and off the court at time outs. The bench ran on to the court to greet the ones on the floor. The defense got tougher. Everyone played harder. IMHO, Reed needs to play far more bad cop until passion becomes contagious.


    We should return to Grace Hall…



    Team suxks at home.
    Team never gets off to good starts.
    Why is TK substitution pattern off? He played first four mins of game and then sat for ten, came back in down 15, brilliant coaching move as our offense was really clicking with him on bench.
    Missed FTs, ap missed dunk, tons of missed layups, tough to watch. Throw in a six point possession.

    Young team excuse won’t work for me in mid January, coaching staff needs to get more out of this team, cause talent is there.

    KR is unreal by the way, and he plays hard all game every game..:



    TMH – your observation about Doc is very interesting to me. Didn’t pick that up on the web stream. If a bit of “angry Doc” did the trick, that could be telling.
    I have felt at times like he was less emotional (visibly, anyway) in interviews after bad games than I’d expect. A little fire might do some good, applied at the right times.



    There’s no doubt in my mind that a match must be struck and a fire lit under the butts of these players. And, the ceremonial pre-game circle where players waive from side to side and say who knows what just isn’t doing it. We don’t have the offensive fire power to come from behind game after game. We can’t afford to come out flat and trail at the half as we have in 3 of our 4 PL games played to date. The other game being Army in which we miraculously game back to tie that score at the 20 minute mark.

    Here’s a look at our abysmal first half shooting performance in league games played to date:

    Vs. Colgate 12 for 28
    Vs. Boston U. 8 for 27
    Vs. Army 11 for 28
    Loyola 10 for 27
    Totals: 41 for 110 = .372 (split .395 for “2’s” and .310 for “3’s”)
    Meanwhile our opponents went a combined 50 for 108 for .463.

    Who lights that match? Cory, our Captain, can only do so much and isn’t – personality wise – the guy for the job. That leaves it to one of the four guys dressed in suits along the sideline. Will someone please step up!

    PL Oddities

    Of the 20 games played to date, the home team has won just 10.

    The present top 3 (Boston U., Navy, and Colgate) – all at 3 and 1 – were ranked 6th, 10th, and 8th in the pre-season Poll. The present bottom 3 (Army, Lehigh, and Holy Cross) – all at 1 and 3 – were ranked 2nd, 7th, and 3rd in the pre-season.

    American, Bucknell and Colgate have maintained home-court advantage with each going 2 and 0 to date.

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