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    Game Notes's%20Basketball/2017-18/6%20-%20Lehigh%20at%20Pitt%20Notes%20112517.pdf#_ga=2.145615415.2086192212.1511554278-1620552556.1510069857

    KenPom Prediction

    LU (2-2 in D-1) Ranked 197th
    Pitt (1-4 in D-1) Ranked 161st
    Pitt wins by 6 (75-69)

    Elsewhere Saturday

    Columbia @ Colgate
    Albany @ Holy Cross
    VMI @ American University


    Gonna be as long year with occasional small victories and a lot of “learning experiences.” I hoped we could be competitive in this game ’cause Pitt is not very good. Other than Karnik it’s a bare cupboard underneath. Defensively that’s an obvious problem going forward. If we shoot poorly from 3 its going to be very tough to win.


    Karnik played very well in my opinion. Need to play defense better overall as a team. We had it down to four I believe late. We had a chance. This is my third or fourth year on here I believe. And I have never seen this board so dead. This team isn’t as bad as people think. Karnik is going to get better. Pat seems to have improved. Kyle needs to find his offense game more.



    Karnick is definitely the bright spot so far. Really impressed me vs. Pitt, and seems to be getting his footing on the offensive end. Works hard, shows glimpses of post play.
    Clone him 3 times and you have a frontcourt for a D1 team.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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