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    You are way off of BA. He’s lost weight from his freshman season and is much quicker and leaner. Against La Salle, he was by far our best offensive player and no defender could stay in front of him. He beat his man with a very quick first step routinely and finished some ridiculous shots in traffic at the rim. He created a ton of operating space with his dribble and can create his own shot. Plus, he has an attacking, scorer’s mentality. You are way underselling him.

    KL also finished some great shots over bigger guys at the rim, but he’s not consistently aggressive. Like to see him attack on every possession. But, he’s playing very well.

    Not sure what more you could ask for from TK, so far. Averaging, what 22 and 9? What more do you want? He’s not a super athlete but probably best big man in Lehigh history and has an NBA chance. I think he compares favorably to Muscala, who is a legit NBA player.

    Also, JC has been great in his first season. Very solid and capable with ball in his hands and he’s shooting a ridiculous 61% from the floor and 56% from 3. He’s been a godsend with injuries, stepping in right away with confidence. Really like this kid.

    Have to be realistic here. We want them to compete with Big East and A-10, and they have this season. In last couple years have knocked off an SEC team, a PAC 12 team and a Big East team. That’s pretty impressive. We aren’t beating those teams regularly. Maybe surprise here and there, but it is PL basketball.

    I think we win next 5, and dominate in PL. Bucknell playing well so far (better than Lehigh), but I like our matchups with them.


    Can’t argue with anything 90 said, but with this talent level they have under performed a little IMHO, I say they deserve a pass given the number of minutes the young guys are asked to give, looking for definite improvement going forward



    Picking up on 90’s men vs. boys theme, it’s important to remember that come December 30th – the start of PL play – that won’t be the case anymore. It’s not that Lehigh bit off more than it could chew when scheduling their 2016 opponents so many months ago, it’s was purposely done to prepare us for the rigors of PL play with, in my mind, no thought of us running the table or even coming close. Sure our record is disappointing to many, but consider the source. Simply: KenPom’s Out of Conference Rankings of Opponents as of today. Following the ranking, I have shown the teams’ record to date.

    LU 22 / 2-4
    CU 43 / 2-4
    Loyola 58 / 3-4
    HC 62 / 3-4
    AU 156 / 1-5
    Bucknell 168 /
    LC 186 / 2-4
    Navy 205 / 3-4
    Army 213 / 3-4
    Boston U. 268 / 4-3

    If I were to worry, it would be over our bench or lack thereof. That is……..How bad is the injury to Pat Andree? Will we ever see Jack Lieb or Caleb Sedore? Can Carter give more productive minutes? Will ‘walk-on” Josh Wolf be able to contribute in any way? Today, 92% of our minutes go to seven men. That’s asking too much from too few.



    Agree, 65. We are thin, especially in the frontcourt.

    Another major concern, and I don’t have the benefit of the KenPom or other metrics, but defensively, we must be one of the worst in the country. We’ve given up:


    We can’t stop anybody. Hard to win when giving up over 83 a game. I assume our pace of play is very high, but hard to push against more athletic teams, and thin bench. If we go small, tough to press, when you only play 8.

    We are shooting 51.5% from the field and are 2-4. And, hitting 42% from 3. We can obviously score, but you have to stop somebody. We aren’t getting killed on the boards, like in past seasons, but we do turn it over a fair amount.

    Think the Coach needs to get back to basics a bit. Hard man to man defense on the ball and perimeter. Can’t allow the dribble penetration. We did a good job of showing on screens, but we don’t defend very well. Not sure any of our perimeter guys are plus defenders. They have the athleticism to be, but struggling so far.

    On injuries, I thought Lieb and Sedore were out for season? If there was ever a game to give Wolf a brief run it was last night, with your only 2 bigs in foul trouble with 4 midway through second half. He must not be close to ready to play vs. La Salle’s athletic frontcourt.


    No D in MBB….No D in FB….strange

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