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    Georgetown is a terrible team. This could be another Yale game. Yale looked like a high school team. Georgetown looks worse. We have to watch the trap we are heading for. THE PERFECT STORM. Blow out win this week verse Georgetown. The team starts believing they are good and doesn’t show up verse and average Holy Cross team looking ahead to Fordham. As George Clooney said in the movie, “she’s not letting us out”, we are stuck in the middle of a trap game verse HC. Say it ain’t so….Lets take it one by one. Seriously, Georwtowns offense is a mess and the defense is so bad its hard to tell what defense they are playing. Please Lehigh, ONE BY ONE…Don’t look ahead. GO LEHIGH. Great atmosphere this weekend verse Colgate. Great crowd.


    Hope we have a great turnout of Lehigh alums in the DC area. In years past we have had as many in the visitor stands as the Georgetown side of the field. These good turnouts really psych-up the team seeing as many fans as the home team making the effort to come out and support. While the free streaming is nice for those far removed, it is having a horrible impact on attendance across the PL and other conferences.



    This thread makes me very uncomfortable. I’m thrilled with what we’ve seen in the past few weeks – but it’s not time to get cocky. We have one common opponent so far with G-town – Princeton. A few numbers:

    Rushing yards allowed:
    LU 199 G-town 233
    Passing yards allowed:
    LU 243 G-town 181
    First downs allowed:
    LU 28 G-town 23

    Offense is definitely a different story, but it just doesn’t feel like there’s good cause to write off Georgetown’s D.



    And we shouldn’t todd. I’m not righting off Hoyas as easy win like everyone else. We have to play the game!



    Christ, really?

    The Hoyas have a good defense and haven’t been ripped apart by anyone on their schedule, including a nationally-ranked team in Harvard. My fearless prediction is that this will be nothing like the Yale game. If anyone thinks they’ll be able to breeze into Hoyaland and get a guaranteed win, that’s crazy talk.



    it is family weekend in dc. this should bring the home crowd up to 200 total. either way you slice it lehigh should blow this team out. just my opinion!!! thats why we play the games. GO LEHIGH!!!



    Lehigh hasn’t blown out Georgetown in years. Hoyas always give LU fits especially in DC. I expect that will be true Saturday as well



    if i followed the pack of nasayers about a month ago on this page i would think we would be 0-25 and the worst team in d1 football. i have held too my position on the coaches and team and they have not let me down. im sticking to my predictiion of a blow out. georgetown is not good and havent beaten anybody. i will gladly eat my prediction if it does not hold up. we will be fine.GO LEHIGH!!!


    Confirmed today. Sasha out for the year. Dang that young man has such a tough go of staying on the field.
    Hope and expect he will recover and be back next season.
    Montgomery out minimum 3-4 weeks. Doesn’t sound like he is apt to be back this year.



    In a perverse sort of way, I consider both to be good news.
    I would prefer to see Sasha fully healed before he gets back on the field. The WR spot is loaded this year. This will also allow him to get a medical redshirt if so desired which may make him the feature receiver when Troy and Gatlin graduate after next season.
    As for KM, I actually thought it may be far worse when I saw him go down. His foot look planted but the rest of the leg didn’t respond. That typically ends up being ACL and far more than 3-4 weeks.

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