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    With only 5 games to go, it’s time to start focusing on League Standings, Playoff Seeding Possibilities, and the records of those teams immediately ahead of us and those we happen to lead at present. Once you throw in the all-important aspect of season sweeps, the teams’ proven ability or inability to win on the road, and your personal likes and dislikes you all of a sudden have a Lehigh fan’s vested interest in the outcome of every game. Here’s my personal wish list for games to be played on Saturday, 2/13. We, of course, suit-up on Monday to take on The Crusaders of HC.

    AU (7th place) 5-8 over AWP (9th place) 5-8
    CU (6th place) 7-6 over BUCKY (1st place) 10-3
    LC (10th place) 2-11 over Navy (2nd place) 8-5 – yes, Go Leopards!
    Loyola (5th place) 7-6 over BU (3rd place) 8-5



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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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