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    Not sure how many folks follow Goodman on twitter, but if you have or haven’t, he wrote a blog during the season and it was often entertaining and somewhat interesting. On the interesting scale, he perhaps saved his best for last. Read the below for some interesting insight, a few I’ve called out below.
    1.) Cory is not going to be with the team next year, not a big surprise, but he did have one more year of eligbility and it appeared it was a “tough” ending to his career as he wasn’t invited back. Thanks for all your hard work Cory, and best of luck using your two LU degrees to the fullest.
    2.)Confirms mixed emotions about the Wyoming trip to end the year.
    3.)Cory wrote a quick note to all the players, and this one was important because a lot of us, myself included, have high hopes for this guy and it seems at least Cory does as well:

    “Jesse “Flex” Chuku- you already know you can be something special in this league. You’re like Coach K’s prodigy…the man freakin’ loves you (and a lot because last time I checked he wasn’t rebounding for me). All jokes aside, he’s right man; your potential alone in this league is mind blowing if you continue to practice what he preaches.”

    This is good news, and funny, because I often see Coach K aka Kroogs, tweeting back and forth with JC so it appears they are tight. It also appears that JC “wants” it, and is working a ton to get it. He posted a pic the other day that he is up to 231 pounds, and that he is working in gym to get a pro body. CJ actually tweeted him back saying how many sweatshirts did you wear as a joke but then said to keep working hard. JC has the athletic ability to be a stud in this league, it seems he has put on 15 pounds in the last year or so, and with a 7’3 wingspan and 230+ pounds, he should be able to rebound a ton for us and we know he loves his jumper and appears to be getting a ton of jumpers up each day this summer. He is currenty in boston working out until summer 2 session begins and all the team gets back on campus next Monday. JC is big for this team, if he is a day 1 starter and can be a 12-8 guy this year, this team will be pretty good in the PL. If TK is what we think he is, our frontcourt should be solid, young, and versatile and we know we got enough guards to win in this league right now. Man i can’t wait for this season to start!!!


    So much time to wait fball, Bball. Summer sucks….lol



    Thanks Hoops! Hadn’t seen the latest blog entry yet. I really enjoyed reading his blog this year. Felt like a bit of “behind the scenes” info, and insight on the grind of being a deep bench player.
    I’m saddened to hear that his relationship with the team ended on a sour note. I certainly had no inside info or impartial confirmation, but he impressed me. I think he deserves credit for working hard, helping the team as best he could, running the scout squad and supporting the other guys – while getting very little in return. I was happy to see him get some real minutes @ Wyoming.

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