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    harvard favored by 16.5points by Bassett :shock: Should be interesting to see if we can beatthe spread ;)



    We have a history of playing well against Harvard. We came very close last season and of course two years ago we got a rare Ivy win for Coen. That game was a Princeton in reverse — we won with almost no first downs and two big plays.


    With Lum start I expct he will give Harvard some points but we’ve been doing that anyway. ;) I hope he can help O score more points :!:



    Sagarin Numbers (245 ranked D-I teams)

    Harvard – rank 151 with a rating of 53.94
    Lehigh – rank 186 with a rating of 47.00

    Tacking on three rating points for home field, Lehigh becomes a four point underdog on Saturday.


    I like your numbersmuch morethan mine ;)




    Coach Murphy speaks about Lehigh during the Ivy League weekly teleconference yesterday (9/29):
    "This comes across as a bit of a cliché but Lehigh might be the best 0-3 team in the country. They allowed just four first downs to Princeton last week and didn’t come away with the win. Every time we play them it is one of our toughest games of the year. They are very well coached by the way, but they haven’t had a lot of luck along the way. We expect a very, very challenging game in Bethlehem, Pa."

    Other takeaways from the teleconference include:
    Junior quarterback Collier Winters has been named the Ivy League’s Offensive Player of the Week in an announcement from the league office Monday morning. Winters accounted for all three Harvard touchdowns in a 24-21 win over Brown in a matchup of defending Ivy League champions at Harvard Stadium on Friday night. He completed 18 of 27 passes for 223 yards and two touchdowns (30 yards and 15 yards) while also running for a game-high 51 yards including a three-yard TD run. He averaged 5.1 yards per carry on the night (13 attempts). Entering a nonleague game at Lehigh this week, the Crimson has won 15 of its last 19 non-Ivy games dating back to 2003 while also posting a 32-11 record in road games since the start of the 2000 season.

    Coach Murphy’s address before the New England Football Writer’s Luncheon today (9/30):

    Game Notes (Harvard Published)
    http://gocrimson.com/sports/fball/2009- … igh_09.pdf


    Don’t you just love the banality of these interviews. Why do we waste our time with them? Coaches love blowing smoke up each other’s asses.



    Experience matters.

    Looking at our 2-Deep going into the Harvard game, it’s clear we’re a young, young team. If, like me, you place a high value on experience, it’s clear we face a significant challenge this weekend.

    LU’s Offense
    3 Seniors
    9 Juniors
    10 Sophomores (including our starting QB, WR, SE, LG, and C)

    When we have the ball, we’ll be going up against a Harvard 2-Deep that consists of: 7 seniors, 9 juniors, 5 sophomores and 1 freshman.

    Things are a bit more in balance when we line up on defense and face a Crimson 2-Deep of: 8 seniors, 11 juniors, 2 sophomores and 1 freshman.

    LU’s Defense
    7 Seniors
    8 Juniors
    7 Sophomores



    The "official" line is Harvard by 5 1/2. My impulse is to say that the spread is too light, but these guys seem to know what they’re doing, even with FCS games.


    Ok, the line keeps getting better every day,love it ;) .

    Carney where is that line from?



    Two questions and perhaps keys to the game. If nothing else, more food for thought.

    1. Can we ramp up our aerial attack to exploit a perceived weakness in Harvard’s defense? Randolph (Holy Cross) and Newhall (Brown) each connected on 25 passes in route to big days through the air.

    Lehigh’s passing attack vs. Harvard’s pass defense – year to date
    181 yards/game vs. 259 yards/game allowed

    2. Can Lehigh shut down the Harvard ground game (132 yards vs. HC and 129 yards vs. Brown) when we couldn’t contain CCSU, Villanova, or Princeton – a trio that averaged 218 yards/game on the ground and a whopping 4.5 yards/carry? Like the other three, Harvard has a quarterback who isn’t afraid to take off with the ball – 11 carries for 48 yards against HC and 13 carries for 66 yards against Brown. Great. This is not good, remembering what Wanket (CCUS), Whitney (Villanova) and Wornham (Princeton) did to us. I’d expect to see Harvard run first and pass when needed, acknowledging the strength of our pass defense (110.3 yards/game allowed). Yeah, I know…..teams didn’t have to pass on us when it was so easy for them to run.



    Still the only numbers that matter

    Colgate 1-0
    Holy Cross 1-0
    Lafayette 1-0
    Bucknell 0-0
    Lehigh 0-0
    Fordham 0-1
    Georgetown 0-2

    For those who like to look ahead, consider this: if BU and LU both take down Georgetown over the next two weekends of play, there’ll be a five-way tie for first place (all 1-0) in the PL. Then things really get interesting.


    Dont forget we get brown back at NG, that should clog up the middle and protect the LBs to slow Harvard downa bit. Plus our dbs are better than what they have faced as a group. Problem will be their wrs not that fast but they are tall 6’6′, 6’4" and 6’2′



    Trench Warfare

    When Harvard has the ball
    LU’s Defensive Down Linemen
    Knapp, Brown and Benning (6-1, 285 lbs)….1 Senior, 1 Junior and 1Sophomore
    HU’s Offensive 5-Man Front (6-4, 282 lbs)…4 Seniors and 1 Junior

    When Lehigh has the ball
    LU’s Offensive 5 Man Front
    Giacalone, Clerge, Liebler, McKenna and Rackley (6-3, 291lbs)…1 Senior, 2 Juniors and 2 Sophomores
    HU’s Defensive 4-Man Down Linemen (6-3, 248 lbs)…1 Senior, 2 Juniors and 1 Sophomore

    Inch for inch, pound for pound we seem to stack up well. I worry, however, about our experience level and ability to get into their backfield to disrupt play. Given time, their quarterback, Collie Winters, will either pick us apart or find a running lane. His two game stats:
    40 for 64
    4 TDs
    0 Interceptions

    24 carries for 106 yards


    Harvard OL quite good as is at least 2 of DL, Harvard 2ndary can be had. O is their QB . I think our D with Brown at NG can control inside. Scrambles by qb have hurt us. We must limit him .

    Key is not falling behind by 10-14 pts as we have been doing . We need to come out ready to play. We’ll see.

    Overall Harvard seems to be a better team by a bit. Need to force qb into errors. Know that Lum likely to make some hopefully not leading to Harvard points.

    Geez, I am in a wishy washy state. Do not want to just root for a better game that we lose to a better team. But I lack any basis that we can actually beat this team. :?

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