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    I’ll reference some other comments that I and others have made in the forum thus far this year that this team appears to play without fire and emotion.

    I don’t think they quit against Villanova, but it was pretty clear that they seemed to have given up by the 4th quarter vs. Monmouth and earlier than that against Yale.

    Those two games were very reminiscent of the UNH playoff debacle. Is it possible that after losing to Villanova, their mental confidence was sapped?

    I’m not in their heads or behind the scenes, but the evidence on the field, as exemplified by a) the results, b) the body language on the field and c) apparent lack of enthusiasm.

    I also wonder if the same issue plagues Andy Coen. He seems drained. He used to be fiery, and maybe still is, but strikes me as more stoic than ever.

    Football is in large part mental and this team hasn’t showed that mental toughness. I’m not saying it isn’t there, but it hasn’t been clear to me.

    Do you all see what I’m seeing?



    No. Next.


    I think that you can use a lot of adjectives to describe Andy. Fiery, emotional, etc. are one’s that would not come to mind. Higgins was fiery. Lembo might have even been more fiery and emotional than Coen.

    My frustration isn’t that Andy is generally even keeled (stoic). He seems so disengaged during the game. Every once in awhile I would like to see him get more engaged more with the other coached and players. He rarely talks to either the offense or defense on the sideline. I think that there is a time and place to show some emotion during the game, like when the defense continually gives up big plays.



    Players haven’t given up, not even the defense. Talk to some of them. While they aren’t as hype or loud as years prior They want to win. But, they’ve been told for years only PL games matter and maybe thats starting to sink in. And believing less in coaches/decisions.

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