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    Up until the 5 yard calls,Folmar called a very good game. No clue what he was thinking with 4 passes then. Over thought the situation.
    Botts and the D were stuck in neutral for most of the game. We had no answer for Melville. Think he went to a zone in the 2nd to contain Melville’s scrambles. All it did was leave open receivers. D has been anemic for three years. Past time for change.
    Next week should be an easy W,it wont be.



    Lafayette is pretty awful, but then so is our defense.


    [quote=23692]Did Bragalone take a helmet-to-helmet hit on that 3rd-and-4?

    Watching the replay of that final drive is sheer agony. On 1st and goal. Amankwah-Ayeh was wide open underneath and a little dink to him would have been an easy TD.


    Brags: Sounded like it on the telecast. but it was hard to see.

    Open receivers: You are right about that potential Amankwah-Ayeh dink. If they’d scored on it, would Colgate have had enough time left to score again? And it was not the first time in the game there were receivers (or backs) wide open with room to run.

    Announcers commented on how Shaf often threw to his first read. That said, Shaf was amazingly effective at connecting on those throws.

    To the credit of Folmar and the offense, the Colgate D often had no clue what was coming next — until that final drive.



    It was a real exciting game to watch. We came up just short in the end, but we played them mostly even.
    I would have taken the ball first with winning the coin toss.
    I would have kicked the field goal instead of going on 4th and 4. But that doesn’t mean the result would have been any different. Looking forward to Lafayette at home. We can still pull out the winning record.

Viewing 4 posts - 91 through 94 (of 94 total)

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